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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

Archive for July, 2014


Friday, July 4th, 2014

Castlerigg Stone Circle, Keswick, England, 3000 B.C.


We walk the old,
sink deep, seep in tide of time,
seek true to clue a hint of us.

Circling a 2,000 year Roman amphitheater
in Croatia which whispers
“Hello dust, welcome wind,”
its shape and shadow mix of might and maybe,
could and should, is and was,
their poorer neighbors
2,000 year rock slab kažun huts
still standing in thousand year groves
of slippery silver greygreen olive trees
on this gold peninsula in blue Adriatic
where rock crawls from sea
to bask in sun and earth.

Or walk the red walls of Marrakech
inhaling the skunk perfume of 900 years of piss,
900 years of men wetting dirt wall,
nine centuries of urine soaking sand
sweetening air
as swallows swoop from man made holes.

There’s Monte Albán’s 2,500 year trek through Mesoamerica
looking down man-flattened mountain
to endless falling, steep rising,
sky flying, clouds flowing, valley viewing,
eagles oversoaring,
souls dancing in the smoke of the copal trees.

Oldest old we’ve manmade seen
is Castlerigg Stone Circle, Keswick, England, 3000 B.C.,
a 5,000 year old neolithic 48 stone stone circle
on top of a hill surrounded by mountains,
oldest stone circle in Europe
they say druid circle,
yet pre-dates druids by thousands of years.

Our newest old
the Serpent Mound down south Ohio
meteored valley high rock raised ridge
1300 foot earthwork snake undulating on top
created a thousand years ago
or five thousand years ago
or even older more unknown
its sinuosity gemtle rest within
which soothes still at will.

– Smith, 7.4.2014

Monte Albán, Mexico, 500 BC – 750 AD

Pula Croatia amphitheater, 27 BC – 68 AD

2,000 yr old kažun in 1,000 yr old Croatian olive grove

Marrakech, Morocco, 2007



Friday, July 4th, 2014


Resting in the cradle of the vernacular
that babble, however it was I learned it

Innocently I let myself into it as that’s
what we did

Remembering that
I can’t get angry with anyone

anything you want can be yours in time

Radio sings to me

Anything you want


I come in peace;
live long and prosper

All you guys’s planets
That’s what I say
“You guys’s” for gals and guys
a democratization of address

Everything I love,
ideas and known objects
orbs in my meditation space
it’s all interesting

Conjugations of their circulations
I peace, you peace, we peace, one peaces

And whatever this’s called:
happy, happier, happiest, happily, etc.,
although I’d like to just rest in happy
not think about what else
I can stuff into it
just let the ers and est’s
happen naturally via dividend
of good practices
and grace

I’d like to observe
as though everything a mobile and
me with soft baby’s skin
gentle babble
light touch

~ Lady


Serpent Mound, Southern Ohio

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Serpent Mound, southern Ohio, looking toward tail coils

Serpent Mound

320 million years ago
a meteor dug a five mile crater
raising a rock ridge one thousand feet
in southern Ohio
where five thousand years ago
or one thousand years ago
or both
or neither
the Adena Culture
or the Ancient Fort Culture
or both
or neither
built an earthwork serpent
1,348 feet long 3 feet high 17 feet wide
laying rock for foundation
covering rock with yellow clay
clay with soil
and soil in sod
from coiled tail undulation
through sinuous body
to the 3rd cosmic eye of the art deco head
where the great serpent Uktena
swallows the setting solstice sun.

– Smith, 7.3.2014

Serpent Mound, southern Ohio, looking toward head


A Midsimmer Night’s Dream

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

white glazed ceramic deer head by S. Judson Wilcox

A Midsimmer Night’s Dream

Too warm the weather,
too wet the sweat,
where’s Goldilocks when you need her?
I mean the little blonde girl
peering into private places
breaking furniture
stealing food
averaging hot to cold to cool
too new to worry about curs and cues
looking like Alice in Wonderland
looking like Little Red Ridinghood
looking like Cinderella, Snow White,
Thumbelina, Tinkerbell,
Sleepy Beauty MaryJane.
I wonder if any of that matters
when the three bears get back
and assess the damage to their shack
just how laid back and forgiving are they for that
and will they cook her first
or keep her as a pet?

– Smith, 7.2.2014

tattoo shop down the lane


One Hand Collapsing

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

One Hand Collapsing

If while walking
you meet the Buddha, kill him,
for he is within.

– Smith, 7.1.2014

This seems a bit harsh. I based this on the old saying “If you meet Buddha on the road, kill him,” which I believe is referrencing killing external attractions. Perhaps a kinder poem would be:

One Hand Collapsing

If while walking
you meet Buddha, pass on by,
for he is within.

– Smith, 7.1.2014

Hmmmm, doesn’t seem to have the same panache.



Tuesday, July 1st, 2014


Days wing into nocturnal sonatas

Owls open, close eyes on roost,
observe and comment silently in sync
with music in hooded thought
and heartbeat

Like partners kneel to divinity
and prayers hold hands

Eyes raise to
stained glass vignette:

Rooster romances
rising sun

Arrays of birds span sky
like eyelash of God

Grand pianos
strike mallets on wood

Tomes of music in this mass
with message of love

~ Lady


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