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Peace, home


Peace is being at home

Like coming home from work and
relaxing into the patois of the patter

Some, a few folk, they need just a knapsack
and their feet

Me, I need a good couch, a roof,
my husband, cat and kitchen–
a well-stocked kitchen
and means to help
the world
to walk myself into it
the wider home, the world
then walk back to nestle
in my nest

That’s home

They say sometimes,
“When all of us are peaceful,
there will be peace”

Yes, that is one way home

Home can be a big cushion
we sink our pins into

Not every last creature has to be happy
and in proper relation with each other
for home to predominate

Altho it’d be nice
for all to be in proper relation

The chain of our moods
can be unbroken
yet still,
this loam

Home whether I’m ready
it’s like a cot I lay in

Home a big cup
a big container, that cot

It will accommodate me
regardless of my status

May everyone have home

~ Lady

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