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Conversation with Wife 7

Lady reading poetry at Mac’s Backs 8.27.2014

Conversation with Wife 7

“I read a list of Asperger’s Syndrome symptoms
and I don’t have them.”

“I didn’t think so because I haven’t smelled any beef.”

“No, that’s beefburger disease.
Aspburgers come from snake,
like when Cleopatra made an asp of herself.”

She looks in mirror.

“You know you’ll wear that out,
every time you look at yourself,
you steal a bit of the mirror’s soul.”

She takes off blouse and bra.

“You never announce these shows beforehand,
don’t advertise time or place,
I might miss a performance,
you need to email me where and when,
or text,
tweet teats,
say sweet treats in teat suite.”

“I love you too,” she says, touching my crotch,
“especially Bono.”

– Smith, 8.29.2014


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