Month: September 2014

  • cobalt & clay

    Twixt now and noon they’ll cut my left shoulder off and plop in an artificial one of colbalt and clay . . . odd way to spend the day. Even odder is no coffee this morning, no water, no food, no grass. Chop Lop Shop This is day I’m cut, trade bare bone ball left […]

  • lop & chop shop #2

    pain Checking off my list of 2-armed stuff needing done today because tomorrow they lop off my left shoulder, replace it with cobalt and ceramic, and there’s a 4 to 9 week rehab. no pain


    There’re ways / To push through / And bring it


    Straighten up / Shake it loose / Get down / Don’t be a fool


    Flock of steps / feels good up the staircase / candle illuminates small space / pacing way to destination

  • America the dutiful

    rich man land Unnatural Anthem America the dutiful Her sheep unroaming range. Buying guns and killing sons While rooting out the strange. No unwhite skin shall live within And women’s bodies are all sin, Where greed grabs got And holds the lot Armed armful by armedful. With two different songs To hide their wrongs They […]

  • Conversation with Wife 9

    read October Conversation with Wife 9 I used to hunt moot with my grandfather in the fall. “Did you ever hunt mime?” Oh yes, loved to watch their silent screams, and I saved on imaginary bullets. “You’re a little strange.” That’s only because I reign myself in, otherwise I’d be way strange. “How about if […]


    Not like a person perhaps

  • September 9, 2014

    compost Lady ~ ~ ~ 9.9.2014 This 9-9 makes nine years of you and me and we . . . to double digits! ~ ~ ~ In relationship nine years today – what a strange fine trip it is. ~ ~ ~ hands-on – foto by Lady

  • sample core

    portal jiggle version 8.8 the center of the known universe u r here sundaze foto bomb 50,000 layers cat sat mons de Venus wellnow