Month: October 2014

  • Feline Fine Line

    Feline Fine Line I’m quiet, reading, when suddenly I’m bleeding, forearm cat launchpad. Cat on back of chair purring, paw on my shoulder, soothing the Smith beast. As I pet the cat she swats me between her purrs drawing blood of love. – Smith, 10.31.2014

  • status report 4

    Status Report 4 Time fills this empty fool with brain gruel’s cruel drool, skewed tools. – Smith, 10.30.2014


    You’re clumped grasp / and ease

  • Mind Melt

    Mind Melt Strange stuff going on. Small things disappear, reappear later, or not, in other places, or same place with sly grin saying “We wuz here all along, you must got no eyes, long white one.” They talk of the blue footed boobie but ignore the red nested nipple. We need to stop judging. Yet […]

  • No Sandman for Him

    Boo at the Zoo 2014 We volunteered for the MetroPark’s Boo at the Zoo Sunday night. Gave good-sized free chocolate bars to kids. Pretty good gig, except for the temporary confusion on the kids’ faces when they ran up for the candy and we had to say, “Where’s your ticket?” whereupon the parents would start […]


    Even face

  • Squirm & Scroll

    Squirm & Scroll Squirmy the Wormy as he burrows flesh to flesh likes it dark and wet for squirmy spermy all out searching for her egg for his breakfast kiss. – Smith, 10.25.2014

  • The Church of the Perpetual 420

    The Church of the Perpetual 420 Worship in my church of cannabis and caffeine, mellowing the fast. Way before sun up, cup of coffee and a toke lighten dark within. Out of grass I am so must face this flux and flow of slow go with gone. O. Z. can you say by my pipe’s […]


    Does a bell go on and on?

  • Raw High

    Watching a 1959 TV show on NextFix starring Glint Mythwood riding shogun on a sagecoach in the old rest looking for the 8-rolled path with its four cultural pollinations. Here’s its theme song. Raw High Tokin’ tokin’ tokin’ keep that pipe a smokin’ get high swell bent for pleasure mellow testin’ measure tokin’ for the […]