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Elvis Drug

x-ray my new inverted shoulder

I walked up behind the doctor as he was showing my x-ray to his learner-person and overheard, “It was so bad if you had to do them all the time, you wouldn’t want to do them.”

Guess my Swiss-cheesed-bone-ball joint had wedged into my worn-away socket and did not want to come out and play.

Been a bit of inner darkness here past few days due to too much pain, too many pain pills, too little sleep with too much now and naught but vague promise of some better future then, but the doc visit yesterday got be back on track . . . things are progressing to the good.

Time fills an empty fool with brain gruel’s cruel drool.

Elvis Drug

They said
you don’t want to go through this
without a neck nerve block.
Well the neck nerve block failed,
and boy were they right.

Pain and discomfort
lurk in the pain medicine
just paindrift away.

Oxycodone and
dilaudid (Elvis’ drug)
finely chase the pain.

Before the drugs,
pain in cry, cry in heart,
screaming all alone.

Sitting on the toilet
straining through waste slot pain clot
of painpill constipation,
wonder if this how Elvis died.

– Smith, 10.7.2014

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