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No Sandman for Him

Boo at the Zoo 2014

We volunteered for the MetroPark’s Boo at the Zoo Sunday night. Gave good-sized free chocolate bars to kids. Pretty good gig, except for the temporary confusion on the kids’ faces when they ran up for the candy and we had to say, “Where’s your ticket?” whereupon the parents would start going through their pockets for the free tickets they should have been given at the gate . . . although if they didn’t have one, we gave them candy anyway.

We were one of three treat stations and we gave out around 1,000 chocolate bars.

We’ve done two other MetroPark children events — gave the kids free kites at Garfield Park, and helped them make stick bugs at Chagrin Park.

Adults don’t seem to realize these freebies stress some of the kids out. I watch their faces. For the kites, they were to draw their own magic marker designs on them, which most the kids loved to do, but some cringed at having to “perform” on command, while the stick bugs were quite complicated and beyond easy grasp for many of the smaller children under 6, so I’d watch their faces and tell them I could help them, or let them do it themselves, or do the whole thing for them. Turns out even having three options was too much for some, so I’d just start making the bugs and give them the chance to help or take over.

Folk should start watching their children’s faces, see what’s stressing them out. I know no one paid attention to my stress face when I was young. Thank goodness I’ve learned to hide it better as I’ve aged.

No Sandman for Him

Up before sun glow,
watch my rise time come and go
my insides so slow.

Mouth its yawn doth make
my soul awaiting wake
not the road to take.

This slow creep of sleep
assaults eyes with mental meek
as time slinks in seep.

Long dread day ahead
people, purpose, problems pled
slims my pathway pledge.

Eyelids limping low
body says oh no no go
will to will no flow.

Take strong coffee in
body, soul but laughs and grins,
won’t accept my spin.

Drudge of trudge begins
fog and fudge of mind again
now to when is dim.

Verse from brain too plain
working slim and slow to gain
murkified in aim.

I’m just tired enough
to go on and print this rough
purge my brain of slough.

Zombie walk in day
auto pilot choose and weigh
walking wobble way.

– Smith, 10.28.2014

Boo at the Zoo 2014

One Response to “No Sandman for Him”

  1. chris says:

    I see your arm is still in a sling… But nice to hear you are getting out and about.

    Zoo Boo sounded fun. A nice way to spend a day.

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