Month: December 2014

  • Black Lives Matter

    Too many of those of us who are white have seen the lives of those of us who are black as disposable and not worthy of consideration. This has got to stop.

  • Steal This Poem

    Every week I wash the sheets and make the bed and tell Lady, “New made bed, clean sheets,” whereupon she quotes a Russ Vidrick line to me, “Clean sheets, redemption, and you.” Man, what a great line. Last week at his monthly Guide to Kulchur open reading, I told Russ I’d be signing my name […]

  • Society for the Dissemination of Art, tract #3

    Society for the Dissemination of Art tracts #1-3 published & edited by Joanne Meincke The Society for the Dissemination of Art just released free ArtTract #3 to the streets, galleries, coffee houses, alleys, the underground, outlying districts, prisons, libraries, book stores, churches, drug dens, seedy patches, our apartment, and worse. ArtTracts are 2.5 x 4 […]

  • masturbation manual

    Cleveland cunnilingis Cannibal Saliva Marijuana and Mozart on a Sunday morn Plethora of complacencies Of tongue, beard, bush Poets fall down. Dream Drown – Smith, 1975 Masturbation Manual Masturbation Mambo Well you slip your hand on in pulling light down low grip unzippered sin do the masturbation mambo Add some lubricating cream to massage the […]


    My family light / and dark


    How the animals are our / family members

  • Sisyphus Morning

    man Sisyphus Morning Sleep holding down my eyelids, burst of honey spoons my head, hot black caffeine down my throat, climb this slo-mo mo-fo slope. Been down this slide before, swung this swing so many days, in and out the same old door, zombie shuffle same old craze. Eat the fuel, drink the water, both […]

  • Buddha’s Fish Stand

    Buddha’s Fish Stand What country do fish come from? Finland, cuz they’re all fin-ish. Which came first, the lemon or the ade? Two most stolen items are Bic pens and Bic lighters. They’re ubiquitous, and then they’re gone. Ommmmmmmmlette, a light fluffy transcendentalism. What does the last leaf on the tree say? Leaf me alone. […]


    Amber stone / sitting in itself / like a turtle / on a log

  • POEM FOR REALITY, DEC. 2, 2014

    Totem pole / Bird God with his big beak