Black Lives Matter

I believe that epiphanies are a reality and that we can cultivate and teach compassion. I think about areas in my life, my perspective that have improved in this way. So I believe it is possible for other people.

I’m thinking about this in terms of messaging and helping penetrate people’s minds with respect to the egregious things that have happened to some black people in this country, and helping people realize that it is largely a problem that white people have been causing. Too many of those of us who are white have seen the lives of those of us who are black as disposable and not worthy of consideration. This has got to stop.

The meme I like best so far is “Black Lives Matter.”

I like the idea of making a sign that is friendly, non-threatening to people and that invites them in. I think that perhaps having script letters and cheerful colors can help.

Also am thinking about ways to penetrate that are more substantial. I thought initially about compiling lists of statistics, facts.

But I think that one thing that can be more effective is the personal narrative. So, wondering if I’m going to do something with that.

One of the memes police supporters have been using is “all lives matter.” OK, true–but the timing of this is a rebuke to the meme “black lives matter” and it’s rather ignorant–discards the context and legitimacy of the definitely justifiable assertion issued by the meme “black lives matter.” (My use of the phrase “police supporters” is its own ball of wax I don’t want to go into at the moment–certainly there are good police and to lump them all together seems wrong to me–however, it is the most succinct way for me to sum up the group that has been ignorantly indifferent to the human rights of black people in this country at the moment.)

So I’ve been thinking about slogans to take that a step further and help people have epiphanies of compassion:

  • Compassion for all people — Black Lives Matter
  • Love all people – Black Lives Matter
  • Justice for all people – Black Lives Matter
  • Value all people – Black Lives Matter
  • Wellbeing for all people – Black Lives Matter
  • All kids count – Black Lives Matter
  • Black People Are Part of the Community – Black Lives Matter

There’s an “intervention” team tonight in Cleveland from 6:30-9 p.m. It starts outside the Q at the corner of Huron Rd. and Ontario St. I don’t usually do much on New Year’s Eve, but inviting people to understand the import of this issue is a good way to cap 2014 off and look to a happier 2015. Here’s the Facebook page…


Steal This Poem

Every week I wash the sheets and make the bed and tell Lady, “New made bed, clean sheets,” whereupon she quotes a Russ Vidrick line to me, “Clean sheets, redemption, and you.”

Man, what a great line. Last week at his monthly Guide to Kulchur open reading, I told Russ I’d be signing my name to that line as soon as he dies, and he said, “Heck, take it now.”

So I did.

Steal This Poem

Could I steal,
I’d take ‘until things move according to themselves
by Amy Bracken Sparks.

Or Jim Lang’s
ice melts in only one direction
though I’d lift the whole poem if he didn’t watch that way.

Told Russ Vidrick when he died
I’d be signing my name to his
clean sheets, redemption, and you.’

I’d glom Steve Melton’s Steve E Gloom.
He’s dead and would like that,
having deeded me ‘Cleveland in Cambodia
before he downsized.

I’d steal most of Major Ragain’s work
as life lesson plan.

Hack Jack Kerouac’s strife and time,
borrow Burroughs’ drugs,
swallow Stevens’ Eliot.

When I recite
I’ll use Bob Dylan’s words,
sing Leonard Cohen’s ‘Everybody Knows
in Tom Waits’ voice
with Willie Nelson
for backup stash and harmony.

(I’d steal from Daniel Thompson
but he’s the laureate poet
and people would know it).

Oh, I’m good at taking things,
I have a sense of taste.

– Smith, 2004, 2014

Society for the Dissemination of Art, tract #3

Society for the Dissemination of Art tracts #1-3
published & edited by Joanne Meincke

The Society for the Dissemination of Art just released free ArtTract #3 to the streets, galleries, coffee houses, alleys, the underground, outlying districts, prisons, libraries, book stores, churches, drug dens, seedy patches, our apartment, and worse.

ArtTracts are 2.5 x 4 inches closed, 5 x 4 inches 1st open, 10 x 4 inches 2nd open, 4 pages per side full open, printed both sides, published and edited by Joanne Meincke. They are handed out free at poetry readings, art openings, snail mail, and chance encounters.

Society for the Dissemination of Art tract #1
published & edited by Joanne Meincke

ArtTract#1 (2013) is images by Lady K, Joanne Meincke and poetry by themelissa, John Burroughs, and me.

fotos of #1 –

Society for the Dissemination of Art tract #2
published & edited by Joanne Meincke

ArtTract#2 (2014) is poetry by Dianne Borsenik and fotos by Lady K.

fotos #2 –

YOU CAN SEND JOANNE ART AND POETRY for future potential tracts.

SDA FaceBook –

SDA website –

ArtTract #3 (2014) is two poems and three+ images of mine. Pleased to share it.

Society for the Dissemination of Art tract #3
published & edited by Joanne Meincke

masturbation manual

Cleveland cunnilingis

Cannibal Saliva

Marijuana and Mozart on a Sunday morn
Plethora of complacencies
Of tongue, beard, bush

Poets fall down.

– Smith, 1975

Masturbation Manual

Masturbation Mambo

Well you slip your hand on in
pulling light down low
grip unzippered sin
do the masturbation mambo

Add some lubricating cream
to massage the ole libido
dream a dreamy dream
and masturbate the mambo

Oh you stroke it to the left
and you pull it to the right
while thinking of the cleft
and squeezing real tight

You’re picking up the pace
roiling oil on the ego
in this fleshly race
of the masturbation mambo

You do the pants pant here
then the rub dub there
through empty air you spear
phantasmagoric hair

Moaning lone and low in groan
of huffing puffing hump
your sex and you alone
in pre-climaxing clump

You play the music louder
make faster master go
in double dealing downer
doing masturbation mambo

Till bang you break the mold
in epileptic shudder
your inner outer load
that was meant for another

So with hairy palm on gland
and blindness quickly coming
why don’t you give yourself a hand
and tug your central something

– Smith, 2010



My family light
and dark

Lucky and oppressed

My family

My family
the pressing
of held hands
and large

My family like
a potluck picnic
melange of cultures
one big soup

Mystery of ourselves

My family
colts of excited cousins
peeking behind
parents’ legs

My family
so forgiving and gracious
clear-eyed children
smiles expecting goodness of us
adults oblivious and easy
or mature and warm

And my harder family
ignorant or beat down by too much ignorance
may something help us,
something help us all
breathe easy

~ Lady



How the animals are our
family members, warm,
snorting breaths,
lather, all that

We suck their nipples,
wet nurses who extend into
the duration of our lives

Land made flesh, flank,
muscle moving over the
drive-by fields

I don’t want to eat

~ Lady

Sisyphus Morning


Sisyphus Morning

Sleep holding down my eyelids,
burst of honey spoons my head,
hot black caffeine down my throat,
climb this slo-mo mo-fo slope.

Been down this slide before,
swung this swing so many days,
in and out the same old door,
zombie shuffle same old craze.

Eat the fuel, drink the water,
both been done and done and done,
walk through their daily oughter,
wondering how one reaches one.

– Smith, 12.10.2014


Buddha’s Fish Stand

Buddha’s Fish Stand

What country do fish come from?
Finland, cuz they’re all fin-ish.

Which came first, the lemon or the ade?

Two most stolen items are Bic pens and Bic lighters.
They’re ubiquitous, and then they’re gone.

Ommmmmmmmlette, a light fluffy transcendentalism.

What does the last leaf on the tree say?
Leaf me alone.

Everything’s relative, especially with relatives.

Used to work at the fish stand
which was hard because they had no legs.

– Smith, 12.5.2014

Too much nastiness out there. Think I’ll stay in here awhile.

Buddha’s fish stand


Amber stone
sitting in itself
like a turtle
on a log

What else
would be there
but a log for
the turtle
and a shell
on its back

And resin–

rosin waxes



Totem pole
Bird God with his big beak
Shamans flapping their feathers
Graciousness of that which we charm
Graciousness of that which gives regardless

Animal shaman
charming people

Animal shaman wearing skin
of people

Animal shaman

~ Lady