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Black Lives Matter

I believe that epiphanies are a reality and that we can cultivate and teach compassion. I think about areas in my life, my perspective that have improved in this way. So I believe it is possible for other people.

I’m thinking about this in terms of messaging and helping penetrate people’s minds with respect to the egregious things that have happened to some black people in this country, and helping people realize that it is largely a problem that white people have been causing. Too many of those of us who are white have seen the lives of those of us who are black as disposable and not worthy of consideration. This has got to stop.

The meme I like best so far is “Black Lives Matter.”

I like the idea of making a sign that is friendly, non-threatening to people and that invites them in. I think that perhaps having script letters and cheerful colors can help.

Also am thinking about ways to penetrate that are more substantial. I thought initially about compiling lists of statistics, facts.

But I think that one thing that can be more effective is the personal narrative. So, wondering if I’m going to do something with that.

One of the memes police supporters have been using is “all lives matter.” OK, true–but the timing of this is a rebuke to the meme “black lives matter” and it’s rather ignorant–discards the context and legitimacy of the definitely justifiable assertion issued by the meme “black lives matter.” (My use of the phrase “police supporters” is its own ball of wax I don’t want to go into at the moment–certainly there are good police and to lump them all together seems wrong to me–however, it is the most succinct way for me to sum up the group that has been ignorantly indifferent to the human rights of black people in this country at the moment.)

So I’ve been thinking about slogans to take that a step further and help people have epiphanies of compassion:

  • Compassion for all people — Black Lives Matter
  • Love all people – Black Lives Matter
  • Justice for all people – Black Lives Matter
  • Value all people – Black Lives Matter
  • Wellbeing for all people – Black Lives Matter
  • All kids count – Black Lives Matter
  • Black People Are Part of the Community – Black Lives Matter

There’s an “intervention” team tonight in Cleveland from 6:30-9 p.m. It starts outside the Q at the corner of Huron Rd. and Ontario St. I don’t usually do much on New Year’s Eve, but inviting people to understand the import of this issue is a good way to cap 2014 off and look to a happier 2015. Here’s the Facebook page…


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