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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

tune up / queen bee check

one of our bees checking me out

Checked our beehive yesterday three days after first dumping the bees into their new home . . . was worried because we could see no bees coming or going and I’m thinking they’re dead or gone, but there were lots when we opened the hive and saw the queen has been released. Now we check in a week to see if there is egg laying. If so, we’re in business.

Listened to an imported blues anthology on the way out to the hive . . . two cds with a total of 50 old-timey blues classics cost $2, plus another couple bucks shipping. That’s 4 cents a song. Anyway after hearing 25 of them, I wrote this blues tune. Record it next week.

Tune Up

Gal you been runnin’ uneven
need to work your wobble wheel
I say I see you be runnin’ uneven
need to smooth your wavy wheel
give it a real good greasin’
then see how it feels.

Let’s paint your big bread basket
do the spit and shine
yes let’s re-rig your big bread basket
all wet with spit and shine
no use taking to the casket
what we can share here like rare wine.

You got that rough round red wagon
burning rubber straight from hell
I mean baby your little red wagon
razes rudder rather well
you’re my fiery fed dragon
and I’m deep in your wishing well.

Come on gal, let’s raise your hood
start my fine tune dance
need to race your motor good
make it sputter utter chance
gonna race some rising blood
when we turn up these amps.

Most folk moanin’ about something
moanin’ morning, noon, and night
groanin’ after some hankering
for a tone that just ain’t right
so they go and lose their anchoring
slip slide outa sight.

Well we gotta ring them chimes
do the shake and shudder
I tell you it ain’t no crime
to roll the rocking rather
time after time after time after time
till we go and come together.

So Lady let’s fine-tune this mean machine
check it all for clues
see how your equipment leans
make sure nothing’s loose
lick your connections clean
jump start your vital juice.

– Smith, 4.25.2015

3rd day queen bee release inspection

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