Month: May 2015

  • Vinaigrette Vignettes

    Vinaigrette Vignettes Just had a brain spasm. Lady and I are together most 24/7/260. Sitting here reading, I listened and tried to locate her. Nothing. Looked up. Computed situation: daylight – late afternoon – is she running? taking bath? nap? hair? at work? – wait, am I supposed to be doing something? or have done […]

  • visual editor test

    star warp (drilled holes in a rubber garbage can for compost, held can bottom up to sun, put camera inside, shot fotos . . . they all turned out.

  • 2 vignettes and a poem

    cat noir (this foto is in color) My My Cat on chest, purr at ear, fur in face — humming heart. – Smith, 5.30.2015 ~ ~ ~ Vignette 1. We brought flowers home from the Chiplis’ garden, put them in a vase, whereupon MandyCat jumped up on the table and started noshing on the rose, […]


    I am seeing the ancestors / of part of an agrarian past / holding baskets of now / heirloom produce–

  • Neon Repoetry by Chiplis, + reading

    Neon Repoetry by Jeffry Chiplis Here’s some shots of Jeffry Chiplis’ Neon Repoetry art installation at the 2nd annual Slavic Village Rooms to Let Art Installation. Also shots of the poetry reading he asked us to host, plus a fine bunch of other artists’ installations. It’s a fun viewing, both in person and online. Rooms […]

  • Gracias

    Roses spilling blooming fountains / blossoming from hand, ribbons dangling down

  • Hairball Hereball Whereball?

    Hairball Hereball Whereball? The cat is throwing up again, probably been reading the news. I understand how she feels on overdose of current clues. In ignorance there’s much to gain since bliss has mass appeal. But self defense demands I peek to catch the warning shots. Yet my help continues plot, is this what I […]

  • Soothe Forsooth

    in land of blind, one-eye is king Soothe Forsooth Some on some this world stacks high with people, things, and chance Ofttimes bringing cloudy sky which is why we do the dance The dance of holding hope to chest enlightening one’s load Cherishing sharing with the rest helping righten long wrong road For weight of […]

  • Frivolity of form,

    options Plan of Attack Frivolity of form, enjoying the journey, awaiting arrival. Cuz can’t stay one way forever. It’s the process, not the point. And we’re all going one way, though many directions to get there. Ticket, ticket, who’s got the ticket? – Smith, 5.19.2015 life

  • So Sez Seuss

    3 Buddha So Sez Seuss Doctor doctor gimme the news I got a bad case of normal view. Earth getting hotter all round town cost going up less we get down. Might have to hunt and lock the rich to cure their fatal finger itch. Need more clowns to make us laugh since logic’s dead […]