Neon Repoetry by Jeffry Chiplis

Here’s some shots of Jeffry Chiplis’ Neon Repoetry art installation at the 2nd annual Slavic Village Rooms to Let Art Installation. Also shots of the poetry reading he asked us to host, plus a fine bunch of other artists’ installations. It’s a fun viewing, both in person and online.

Rooms to Let is when Slavic Village is going to tear down a house and add the land to the land bank, but before they do they let artists come in and do pretty much anything they want. One artist even cut a hole in the roof.

These two houses were at 3810 E. 71 St, Cleveland, Ohio.

If anyone knows who the ?? artists are, let me know and I’ll update the site.

Click here for Chiplis’ Neon Repoetry 2015
and here for 13 more years of Chiplis found neon/argon sculptures.

I have another 12 guest artists on available for viewing as well, including Mother Dwarf, Daniel Thompson, Lady K, bree, Jim Lang, Terry Provost, Russell Vidrick . . .

detail of Neon Repoetry by Jeff Chiplis

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