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So Sez Seuss

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So Sez Seuss

Doctor doctor gimme the news
I got a bad case of normal view.

Earth getting hotter all round town
cost going up less we get down.

Might have to hunt and lock the rich
to cure their fatal finger itch.

Need more clowns to make us laugh
since logic’s dead and flag half mast.

Save the flowers, help the bees,
say some thank yous if you please.

Back your friends and help a neighbor
nod and smile to a stranger.

Plant some trees to shed some leaves
and as for food eat locally.

Let loose anger, hold tight hope
hug your spouse, be less remote.

Maybe don’t eat that life form meat
cuz causes gas ozone deplete.

What goes out rounds right back in
so don’t shout but send a grin.

I mean if we don’t get some class
we’re going to bite ourself in ass.

Listen now, talk less later
or there won’t be no alligator.

Stack the deck with nice and better
else our future bites the bitter.

– Smith, 5.18.2015

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