Month: June 2015

  • new art in making

      Smith & Lady, Book 4 – 11″ x 14″, June 2015, Smith Here are the beginnings of a mass art attack . . did two of these assemblages this month, the third last September. Lady and I plan on doing 30 small assemblage/painting/collages between the two of us in July, some hers, some mine, some ours. […]

  • chin drops eyes fade fog enfolds

    Coffee by Chiplis:  city made him take it down saying it was signage, not art Status Report 28 Where’s the caffeine? Had two cups strong cups Costra Rican cowboy coffee cups yet lids droop chin drops eyes fade fog enfolds time jumps head hangs dark dwells light lags. Where’s my caffeine? cries this coffee fiend. – […]

  • blue money

    Status Report 27 Take deep toke hold the smoke slo-mo go in warming lope of first lap in new day pre-sun play life’s not bad they’re not too mad and they let me in on the joke though I’m the punchline I don’t mind cuz I’m not pigging their poke nor their kneading greed or […]

  • moooooooorrrrreeeee coooooooooooffffffffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Status Report 26 Eyes foggy before un up sun pre-dawn sweet, neat, alone coffee trickles slow to soul happy feet still asleep plots and plans ooze in sham fog of id not yet up grid slo-mo in snooze aglow my up and atom subattractin’ electrons slowin’ limbo lost so mooooooore cooooooooffffffeeeeeeee crack a lid raise […]

  • bees ness

    Status 25 Bee sting venom burns. Hand swell to lobster claw turns. Dead bee’s life token. – Smith, 6.27.2015 Thought I got stung on my neck yesterday during hive inspection, but thankfully didn’t. Could not be sure until I woke this morning with the normal size head folk usually see instead of one grotesquely swollen […]

  • pain whispers

    Status Report 24 Pain whispers “You are still alive, it’s not too late” – Smith, 6.26.2015 Lady and I will be hosting an open mic as part of Chardon’s HeART of Geauga Arts Jam 2015 tomorrow Saturday June 27. The reading will be 1:30-3:30 pm in the Land Conservancy Building, 102 C East Park Street […]

  • soothes present future past

    Status Report 23 A gift of grass soothes present future past undarkens glass. – Smith, 6.25.2015 2007-9 Oaxacan grass, $7 an ounce Oaxaca, Mexico

  • Genetically Modified Lamb with Jellyfish Protein Accidentally Sold as Meat in Paris

    “Genetically Modified Lamb with Jellyfish Protein Accidentally Sold as Meat in Paris.” Now THAT is a headline, just became Status Report 22. ~ Status Report 19 Water’s wet. Current hard. Riverbank out of sight. Night on way. Ain’t no sinking, just the swim, as long as far it takes. ~ Status Report 20 What with […]

  • rumble dark

    Status Report 18 Rain, thunder, lightning rumble dark before sun’s rise metaphor my life. – Smith, 6.24.2015

  • mice hold sway

    Status Report 17 A whim away where mice hold sway I play if firm is form I spend my warm to undo harm in cosmic charm till earthworms turn feast on my worn in nod of norm to nature – Smith, 6.23.2015