Month: July 2015

  • oh for ten thousand cats

    Status Report 48 In twitching her tail she swishes my ankle. Oh for ten thousand cats. – Smith, 7.31.2015

  • past tents

    Past Tents Walking Croatian trail by night, big star sky, no earth light. – Smith, 7.30.2015

  • 1,000 paper cranes + 365

    Status Report 47 Slept through dawn, first coffee tastes weaker in sunlight, I feel like the tortoise hare. – Smith, 7.29.2015 Got two contributor’s copies in the mail yesterday from Writing Knights Press. Thanks Azriel. I have 10 poems in the Page-A-Day Poetry Anthology 2015, 396 pages, 6″ x 9″, $20, and 570 haiku-ish stanzas […]

  • (a few news headlines from the past 3 months)

    Didn’t want to post these police brutality headlines selected from the past three months because they are so negative and depressing. But it’s what we see everyday, see and read and watch and hear. The police are a para-military force whose primary purpose is to protect the possessions of the rich . . . their […]

  • 18 Notes on 44 Hours Camping

    18 Notes on 44 Hours Camping Tent up. Campfire crackling. Lake lapping. Boats burbling. Camp kids playing. Sun setting. Toke settling. So quiet it’s noisy, specially cross water, each human hoot and holler heard from lake and boat and shore. The sweat heat whistle of moisture being forced from wood by flame. The rain runs […]

  • bit of luck and light

    Status Report 46 I got through the day with a bit of luck and light. Now for tomorrow . . . – Smith, 7.24.2015

  • cherries, grapes, strawberries, yoghurt, raw honey

    our 1st honey harvest from our 1st hive Status Report 45 This morning’s smoothie: Cherries, grapes, strawberries, Greek yogurt, and first hive honey . . . the sweet life. – Smith, 7.23.2015

  • food to trash bag flies

    Status Report 44 Fridge and freezer fried in hot thick Cleveland simmer, food to trash bag flies. – Smith, 7.22.2015

  • bring on the sun

    Status Report 43 Food in my belly. Coffee in my blood. Smoke in mind. Bring on the sun. – Smith, 7.21.2015

  • Miss Tittynipple

    Philosophy 101 If the Pope shits in the woods does a bear care? Or does care bare believing? – Smith, 7.20.2015 We’ve a spinning cellar spider living inside our outer door which I greet each time we leave. I also talk to her shadow. Today told Lady, “We need to name her,” and she replied, […]