Didn’t want to post these police brutality headlines selected from the past three months because they are so negative and depressing. But it’s what we see everyday, see and read and watch and hear.

The police are a para-military force whose primary purpose is to protect the possessions of the rich . . . their secondary purpose is to protect their own power . . . their hobbies seem to be breaking the law and abusing the rest of us.

It’s up to us to not put up with it.

The Police in the United States of America
(a few news headlines from the past 3 months)

Honest Cop Demoted, Has Sanity Questioned

Cops Kill Man for Refusing to ID
as He Dropped Off Stray Cat to Animal Shelter

Man Threatens Suicide, Police Kill Him

‘I’ll put a bullet hole right through your f*cking head’:
Off-duty Mass. cop suspended for threatening driver

You call the police to check on your grandfather, and they shoot him

Sheriff Tells Family He’s ‘Sorry’ After His Officers
Starved Their Mentally Ill Son to Death

Cop Pulls Assault Rifle, Threatens Protesters
For Their ‘Constitutional Bullsh**’

Cop Body Slams 100lb Handcuffed Teen Face First
After She Didn’t Sit Down Fast Enough

Police Brutality Activist Mysteriously Dies in Jail
After Being Pulled Over for Improper Lane Change

Cops Admit They Have No Idea Why They Stopped Man,
But Arrest Him Anyway

Business Owner’s Surveillance Cameras Catches
Undercover Police Agent Planting Crack

Cleveland Cops Promise to Stop Pistol-Whipping People
After DOJ Exposed Their Dangerous Habit

State Troopers Fatally Shoot Oklahoma Man They Were Trying To Rescue

Dashcam Video: Cops Kill Unarmed Mother,
Brag About Marksmanship Afterward

Woman Successfully Defends Herself from Armed Attacker
Only to Be Shot When Police Arrive

Video May Show Cops Eating Weed Candy After Raiding Dispensary

Good Samaritan Prevents Burglary, So a Cop Killed His Beloved Family’s Dog, Who Was on a Leash!

US police killings headed for 1,100 this year, with black Americans twice as likely to die; police kill more in days than other countries do in years

Jailhouse Snitch Tapes Reveal How Cops Recruited Serial Murderer
To Be Their Informant

“Grab Anybody!”: St. Louis PD
Indiscriminately Tase and Arrest People Walking Down Sidewalk

Photo Shows White Chicago Cops Posing With Black Man In Antlers,
took ‘hunting’ photograph with black man as prey

Cop Who Shot and Killed 7-Year-Old Girl While Filming Reality Show
Is a Police Officer Again

VIDEO: Officers Admit They Will Not Ticket Fellow Cops,
They Only Collect Revenue From Non-Cops

NYPD Cops Shamelessly Talk About How a Murdered 14-Year-Old ‘Deserved To Die’

Little Rock police slam non-violent blind man to the street. Guess his race.

Cops are the terrorists in our neighborhood

America Is #1 in Police Killings Among Western Democracies,
new report shows that American police kill at least two people a day.

Body Cam Video Catches Cops Slamming Black Pregnant Woman to Ground, Letting White Woman Go Free

Chicago police paid out more than half of a billion dollars
for police misconduct in the past decade

I Told a Grand Jury I Saw a Cop Shoot and Kill an Unarmed Man.
It Didn’t Indict.

SWAT Raids 81-Year-Old Navy Vet’s Home,
Broke His Hip, Left Him For Dead in Pool of His Own Feces

The FBI’s Response To Another Killer Cop Set Free?
More Surveillance of Protestors

Florida Cop: ‘The Crack Is Not For Me, It’s For My Wife’

Ex-Cop Says He Was Fired for Refusing to Destroy Video Evidence
of Abuse of Inmate – The inmate was paraded naked in handcuffs.

5 Cops Resign As First Black Female Mayor Takes Office In Mo.

Arrested for ‘sagging pants,’ Ervin Edwards
tasered to death in custody; Police lie in report

Cop Claims Freedom of Speech Does Not Give Citizens
the Right to Question Police

Riding his bike & talking on the phone, Dontrell Stephens
shot 4 times in the back by Florida police

Black Women in San Francisco Are Nearly 50% of City’s Female Arrests,
and Only 6% of the Female Population

Officer Turns Off Body Cam and Screams ‘Who’s the Man’
as He Beats Defenseless Homeless Man

Graphic body cam footage shows police allow a K-9 to viciously
attack a man sitting on his couch with his hands raised

Hidden Camera Catches NYPD Cops Arresting Man For No Reason,
Making Up Purpose for Stopping Him

Dashcam footage shows Delaware police officer kicking suspect in face

Fired Florida police officer with history of violence
says calling black people ‘monkeys’ isn’t racist

New Mexico Cops Bummed They Can’t Just Steal People’s Money Anymore

Sheriff Shoots Real Estate Agent as She Shows House,
Then Walks Away Because ‘He’s the Sheriff’

Atlanta Cops Kill Woman,
Say She Fired on them While Handcuffed in Back of Patrol Car

Video shows unarmed Utah man was listening to headphones
when killed by police

Underage Girl Brushes Off Cop’s Flirting Attempt,
So She’s Swarmed by Cops, Groped and Arrested

Video Proves Cops Lied When They Broke Man’s Face.
Why Are They Only Getting a Slap on the Wrist?

DOJ To Launch Federal Investigation Of Baltimore Police Dept.

DEA Steals $16,000 In Cash From Young Black Man,
Because He Must Be A Drug Dealer

City Has To Shell Out $1.975 Million After Seattle Cops
Shoot Man in the Face

Disturbing Video Shows Criminal Justice Student
Assaulted and Tasered by Border Patrol, For No Reason

St. Louis Officer Charged for Being High on Cocaine
While He Shot a Man in the Back

Baltimore: thousands of suspects arrive too injured
to go to jail, records show

In U.S., Domestic Terror, Cop Killings and Violent Gun Deaths
with Suicides, Dwarf Anything “Jihadis” Have Produced

Man Reporting Crime Given Less Than 2 Seconds To Drop Gun
Before Officer Shoots Him

Chris Rock: ‘Cops Never Shoot White Kids’

NYPD Cop Tries to ‘Cop a Feel’ on a Woman,
Her Friend Tries to Film it, So they Assault and Kidnap Him

Blatant lies by NYPD officers completely disproved
by security cameras that captured incident from multiple angles

Dashcam Video Shows Police Responding to 9-1-1 Call,
Show Up and Immediately Shoot the Victim

Mother of two called 9-1-1 to report intruders
and the police showed up and killed her

Black teen with white parents was assaulted by police in his own home
because they believed he was a robber

Man called 9-1-1 to report vandals in his home, police showed up and killed him

Video Shows Deputy Smash Autistic Man’s Skull into the Ground,
Killing Him for Joking Around

Cop Who Shoots Unarmed Boy with Down Syndrome Says
He Feared for His Life: Video Shows He’s Lying

18-Year-Old Girl Dies In Jail
After Police Accuse Her of Faking Medical Emergency

Black Missouri drivers 75 percent more likely to be stopped by police
than white drivers, new report from attorney general finds

Dad Calls Cops on Son to Teach Him a Lesson,
Cops Shoot Son Dead

Off-Duty Cop Shoots 2 After Argument At Kevin Hart Show

Cops Put Mentally Ill Man on One-Way Bus Ride to Florida
then Charged Him with Escape

Innocent Ohio man sues Cleveland cops after 40yrs in jail

Cop Charged For Pointing Gun at Infant Grandchild
‘For the Purpose of Threatening and Intimidating’

LAPD Officer Convicted Of Kicking Handcuffed Woman In The Groin

Florida police murder black computer engineer as he listens to music;
attempted coverup exposed

Ex-Cop Arrested In Cold Case Slaying, Eyed In Similar Cases

Virginia Cop Uses Pepper-Spray, Taser on Unresisting Black Man Having Stroke

Man Left Paralyzed After Police Filled Him with Bullet Holes
for 8 Ounces of Weed

Former Baltimore Police Officer Comes Clean About Corruption On Force

Homeowner Livid After SWAT Team Blows Up His Entire Home
in Pursuit of Shoplifter

Philly Police Defy Federal Recommendations,
They Want to Be Able to Kill People Anonymously

Camera catches police wrestling pregnant black woman to the ground
for no reason whatsoever

Alabama cops Tasered girl during seizure at concert and arrested mom for trying to help

We Pay A Shocking Amount For Police Misconduct,
And Cops Want Us Just To Accept It. We Shouldn’t.

The US can’t keep track of how many people its police kill

Cop Escapes Charges After Shooting
an Unarmed Man With His Hands Up on Video

Cleveland Cop Found Not Guilty
After He Jumped on Hood of Car and Murdered Unarmed Couple

RAW VIDEO: Cop Tases 12-Yr-Old Child While Choking Him!

Video Catches Cop on Rampage as Fellow Cops Try to Stop Him
From Torturing Handcuffed Man

America: Not the Home of the Brave, but of the Scared S*#tless

High School Art Exhibit Attacked By Cops for Depicting Police Brutality

– Smith, 7.28.2015


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