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Well knock on wood with an Eddy Floyd

Cuyahoga County Fair observational beehive 2015

Well knock on wood with an Eddy Floyd — I haven’t been stung the past two weekly beehive inspections, and the belly sting the week before those went through my sweat-soaked cotton shirt which absorbed most the venom so no swelling.

Lady got stung though, outside right thigh right through her denim jeans, which surprises me.

Bees were quite angry this time, maybe we were too early in the day and too many had yet to leave for foraging. 80,000 bees is a lot of creature.

Status Report 62

Gods are nice sometimes, and sometimes not
to set in sand the line or advance the plot

They belch and blow above about what’s wrong below
yet set rule and limit off with ritual sentiment

Then take part of your pay to pave their way
to more power point presentments for primates

– Smith, 8.19.2015


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