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I ain’t no nihilist


Status Report 68

Folks don’t live long these days
I’m more into the Biblical lengths of the Old Testicle
where they went six, seven, nine hundred years

or perhaps like honey bees live longer over winter
people lived longer then cuz it was early earth
and they needed to populate it real quick
so they could get to the condo section
cuz condos, calling cards and cell fones are what it’s about

and brothels, many many brothels
for any consensual gender skin dogma transactual desired
however acquired

and a lot of malls
deadly soul sucking greed spawning spirit killers

and stuff of course, transportation for stuff
stuff storage, stuff disposals
you know, stuff like that

and sexism racism greedism meism
not-youism classism isn’tism nihilism

now we’re cooking
ahhhhh, civilization, gimme a double dose

– Smith, 8.31.2015

I ain’t no nihilist, just think folk could be nicer than they are – nicer to each other, nicer to themselves, nicer to the earth.


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