kicking males out of hive to die


Status Report 91

Female bees getting ready for winter
kicking males out of hive to die
and moving upper honey down to lower frames

all male drones do is sex the queen
and guzzle honey

and winter is long

Smith, 9.30.2015


crabby constantly doing


I found while living outside the country nigh 3 years that getting from country to country left my energy reserves depleted and it took 3 days to recharge.

Last week we camped 3 days, spending Wed/Thur nights getting bad sleep on hard ground; Saturday spent the day inspecting our hive and harvesting the last of our honey from our bees; Sunday was Lady’s quatro-annual solstice/equinox reading; yesterday grocery shopping and chores; plus past 5 days stopped by twice a day to feed and play with friends’ cat, so there’s no 3 day recharging and I’m so below energy to the point where I fumble physically, make odd balance mistakes.

Also getting crabby constantly doing, seeing people, being on call. Give me 3 days downtime and I’ll be the fine friendly mutant we all know and try to put up with, but until then, best keep the fuck away.

The irony of my complaining about not enough sleep while the world deals with weather, war, greed, gods, class, color, hunger, hatred does not escape me.

Status Report 90

Sometimes wonder if she’s pay for past lies
but mostly wife’s sweet reward
for everything I’ve ever done right in life

Smith, 9.29.2015


piss on poison ivy no matter what form it takes


toad alone

Status Report 89

Cricket cavalcade at bend in trail
where I stop
stare through weaving green at blue lake
sun sparkles dancing on waves
and piss on poison ivy.

Smith, 9.28.2015

perrynuclearPerry nuclear power plant: capitalistic poison ivy

2 red wheelbarrowz



so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

– William Carlos Williams, 1923

~ ~ ~

Out at the In-Laws 16

A bit of Williams nine decades down the road

their red wheelbarow wet with water
my white beegloves on the ground

but where are the chickens?

Smith, 9.27.2015


for what’s left of long ago



My computer was in the repair shop for 10 days for a busted fan.

Replacement fan came in 5 days after I dropped it off due to the weekend slowing things down, was put in, and the hard black plastic blades on the fan pulverized to dust when it was turned on. The manufacturer’s explanation – “Oh, that happens occasionally.” I’d like to pulverize their CEO then say”Sorry dude, i do that sometimes, no biggie.”

We camped two nights at Erie Bluffs in the Lake County Metro Parks at Perry (where our closest nuclear plant is). This section of the park has but a single campsite. It resides on a bluff a hundred or so feet high on the shore overlooking Lake Erie. On our last morning there, we were sitting at the fire looking out over the lake when we saw our first flying bald eagle just above our line of sight close enough to see detail. When Lady went running I sat and watched and saw it up close twice more.

Campsite cost us $20 a night because we’re out of county . . . in county is $10 per night. And the park supplies firewood.

Status Report 88

I wish on falling leave

for what’s left of long ago

for leaf of living tree

– Smith, 9.26.2015











Poem by Lady – 9/26/2015

Enlightenment worrying the flute
crystal jutting and put
dally, dally
beast snort in bluebells
waltzing dove
over open canyon

~ Lady

day 9 of what was 9 now at least 10 no computer

Smith reporting via Lady K.’s laptop . . .

We camped 3 days 2 nights at Erie Bluffs in Perry Ohio. Thought why travel 3 hours to camp in Pennsylvania when we’ve these sites closer. This section of the Lake County Metro Parks has just one campsite, one single campsite, on a bluff overlooking Lake Erie immediately to the north.

This morning setting at the campfire looking out over the fresh morning lake we see our first bald eagle fly just above our campsite eye line. I took my writing pad, camera, toke, small cedar 5-note Indigenous American flute, and the small hardback Beat Poets to the table on the edge of the bluff to watch while Lady jogged, and the eagle flew by three more times. Have distant fotos if my computer returns.

Status Report 87

Camp in near wood
high bluff Lake Erie
dirt water sky

1st flying eagle
white feather brown feather white
six to eight foot wings

sky, bird, water riding the horizon

me: Fire. Water. Earth. Air.
she: Men. Women.
me: And hot campfire cocoa.

the situation caused the situation

ant empire brought to naught
as new flame licks old log

it’s hard to be fire . . .
you consume yourself,
then go out

fire lives to burn,
burns to die,
the ember coal of the fire king

I take a toke to the dawn
a toke to the sea
a toke for friends
a toke for me

campfire light
rising sun light
inner light

fire eats wood
water eats fire
light eats dark
heat frees water

watch the shadow smoke rise
up log to where the eagle flies

halfmoon sky
lone bird fly
sunplunk sea
light lessen be
day is done

owl hoots in holler
frogs sing in tree

– Smith 9.24.2015

daze 7 no computer (of 9)

Seventh of nine days computer in repair shop.
Using Lady’s laptop and account while she runs.

Status Report 86

7th day down
broken in repair
no computer to write on
no internet to read on
no newspaper to peruse
what am I to do with I ?
close my eyes ?
embrace the dark ?
sink in coffee ?
follow the holy voices
climbing musical stairs ?
waiting for sun to rise
for day’s one or two of fun to seize
its yodel yaps in morning laps
clasp collapse in weigh of way
me thinking this moment
I may be only life form on planet
sitting without its computer
because brand new newly installed
hard black plastic fan blades
when first turned on
to seed joy in daily sun
leaving sum undone

– Smith, 9.22.2015

nuther day older & computer/internet-less

Computerless internetless Smith here using Lady K’s computer and account once again reporting on Reality’s wry dry wicked sense of humor.

Called repair shop. He said part’s here, computer will be ready this afternoon. Afternoon call came. He said he’s never seen anything like it but when he installed the new fan and turned it on, the new fan blades pulverized, disappeared. I had to have him repeat it a couple times because brand new hard black plastic computer fans disintegrating into nothingness when first turned on is not a sequence of events my mind readily followed. So it will be 9 days now in the shop.

Status Report 85

The night is Jung
the day is Freud
reality’s a balloon
by clowns deployed
the stops done go
the goes get gone
the highs hang glow
and the lows lay long
in this never wrong ever changing song

– Smith, 9.21.2015

we crawl this crust of earth for crumbs of sun to strum

this is Smith using Lady K Smith’s computer and account to post because I’m in day 6 of computer in repair shop, internet access only when Lady’s out running or asleep.

Status Report 84

Green and blue and yellow and brown
country road we’re going down
puff white clouds with under smudge
turbine churn the air
miles rolling under wheel
while Miles runs his voodoo sound
we crawl this crust of earth
for crumbs of sun to strum

– Smith, 9.21.2015