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crabby constantly doing


I found while living outside the country nigh 3 years that getting from country to country left my energy reserves depleted and it took 3 days to recharge.

Last week we camped 3 days, spending Wed/Thur nights getting bad sleep on hard ground; Saturday spent the day inspecting our hive and harvesting the last of our honey from our bees; Sunday was Lady’s quatro-annual solstice/equinox reading; yesterday grocery shopping and chores; plus past 5 days stopped by twice a day to feed and play with friends’ cat, so there’s no 3 day recharging and I’m so below energy to the point where I fumble physically, make odd balance mistakes.

Also getting crabby constantly doing, seeing people, being on call. Give me 3 days downtime and I’ll be the fine friendly mutant we all know and try to put up with, but until then, best keep the fuck away.

The irony of my complaining about not enough sleep while the world deals with weather, war, greed, gods, class, color, hunger, hatred does not escape me.

Status Report 90

Sometimes wonder if she’s pay for past lies
but mostly wife’s sweet reward
for everything I’ve ever done right in life

Smith, 9.29.2015


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