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just call me 2 poet smith

Got called 9 tonight to read tomorrow at the Tremont Arts & Cultural Festival six blocks down the street. Said I can’t cuz I’m reading tomorrow for BeatStreet Cleveland 2015 at the Barking Spider (ain’t that a cool name for a venue?). He said when? I said 3-ish. He said this is noon and you get $25 for 25 minutes. Said I’d be there.

Never had a two-feature day before poetry-wise.

My laptop with my poetry master files is in the repair shop so have to cut and paste as I read making sure I’m family friendly.

So – noon tomorrow I’ll read 25 minutes (followed by poet/musician Shawn Mishak) outdoors in Lincoln Park in Tremont in Cleveland in Ohio >>> Tremont Arts & Cultural Festival 2015.

and around 3:15 i’ll read 15 minutes at the Barking Spider, followed by 10 rather impressive poets, some of whom go back to the 60’s (as do I) >>> BeatStreet Cleveland 2015.

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