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nuther day older & computer/internet-less

Computerless internetless Smith here using Lady K’s computer and account once again reporting on Reality’s wry dry wicked sense of humor.

Called repair shop. He said part’s here, computer will be ready this afternoon. Afternoon call came. He said he’s never seen anything like it but when he installed the new fan and turned it on, the new fan blades pulverized, disappeared. I had to have him repeat it a couple times because brand new hard black plastic computer fans disintegrating into nothingness when first turned on is not a sequence of events my mind readily followed. So it will be 9 days now in the shop.

Status Report 85

The night is Jung
the day is Freud
reality’s a balloon
by clowns deployed
the stops done go
the goes get gone
the highs hang glow
and the lows lay long
in this never wrong ever changing song

– Smith, 9.21.2015

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