Month: October 2015

  • forget the me the me not me

    Status Report 116 Action is change over time and space and since quantum relative gurus claim time and space illusion there is no action no then no past future when just now and now and now more now and then no now cuz now needs then so so long to this goodbye to that forget […]

  • 3 new art pieces

    Status Report 114 I drive through yesterday, see is where wasn’t was, was where isn’t is. – Smith, 10.30.2015 Here are three pieces of art I did last week while Lady was in Oregon. Off Grid, 5.5″ x 7.5″ Your New You, 4″ x 6″ A Bicycle Built for Two, 4.5″ x 4″ That looks […]

  • old cold creeps deep

    Status Report 113 Old cold creeps deep and we are not yet ready for fall to die into winter wail. The seasons teach hope: spring to sum, fall to win. Endure the day though it last forever it will pass. This old this but now awaiting next. – Smith, 10.29.2015

  • warm with wife and wed

    Status Report 112 Motor noises mesh the night with road and rain and hiss Metal boxes moving people grind in grid and go Their hurry is not mine nor their dark I sit in light, unwet within warm with wife and wed – Smith, 10.28.2015

  • though tooth and claw still the law

    spirit in the dark The Rise and Fall of All In beginning land before fishman we crawled on sand using fin for feet only to find we were the menu plan for faster stronger meaner meat then dark matter died the dinosaur comets cleaved the cloud the big and bad became manure as the quiet […]

  • sandwich the not yet between

    Status Report 111 I watch the old walk old, the young walk older still. They sandwich the not yet between. – Smith, 10.26.2015

  • surface beings dirt and air

    Status Report 110 Unwinged bird of the morning tell me of your sun Undug creature in the earth how does ride your moon? Surface beings dirt and air dance the nightday dance Reptile skins and fish of scale swim this rim of real I be all as they do be we be normal shelf – […]

  • tassels to tug to much brighter day

    kachingpop Status Report 109 Can’t afford a new day today so got used one in bargain bin at thrift store Figure the stains and worn torn won’t weaken my walk or way Used don’t mean crude or abused more often just not properly played And the frays found can be rewoven into tassels to tug […]

  • as through life’s cavity we pass

    Status Report 108 My aches pain as my pains ache because this is how earth laws relate Body crawls in gravity and mass as through life’s cavity we pass This thin skin doesn’t end our here here life ain’t confined to such unit mere I am you and you are me since we are all […]

  • 41 hours walking awake

    starcharge Status Report 107 Exhausted stumble up stair body unbalanced bouncing off wall mind molasses cold cold day thought stop and go stop and stop these 41 hours walking awake near nuff to lay me down – Smith, 10.22.2015 Maybe (maybe not) had an hour nap yesterday on the couch, and likely had an hour […]