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41 hours walking awake


Status Report 107

Exhausted stumble up stair
body unbalanced bouncing off wall
mind molasses cold cold day
thought stop and go stop and stop
these 41 hours walking awake
near nuff to lay me down

– Smith, 10.22.2015

Maybe (maybe not) had an hour nap yesterday on the couch, and likely had an hour snooze today during hot bath because I don’t remember much of it . . . got up 41 hours ago, then midnight drove 170 miles to a small airport past Pittsburgh to pick up Lady from her week out in Portland Oregon reconnecting with her bio-dad on his goat farm.

The drive back was a bit dicey. Kept thinking I always make it behind the wheel, but just one time not would ruin the run — caught myself fading repeatedly, and it took 70 miles to find a cup of coffee on the toll road to clarify the matter. Seems Pennsylvania has no food stops on their turnpike, you have to get off into the towns, so I had to wait until Ohio for caffeine.

Fuzzy today, going to be worthless tomorrow.

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