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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

Archive for November, 2015

before begin begins

Monday, November 16th, 2015


Status Report 124

My favorite minute
is before begin begins
rising before sun
sitting in dark with first cup of coffee
with all possible
and the skein thick with win
somewhere about one-third through that first cup
sipping slow the could the may the might
the you never know
before first try first compromise first flail
first less than perfect mesh
of this constant compromise called is
with the want of was and the must of maybe

– Smith, 11.16.2015

compromiseconstant compromise


Squeaky Wheel & the Oil Cans

Sunday, November 15th, 2015


Status Report 123

Way back in the daze I was the vocalist for
Slinky Wheel & the Hub Caps
but went flat when they became
Squeaky Wheel & the Oil Cans
who broke down into the punk played
Stinky Real and his Fun Guise
who went and did an advert for Ratbooger Barricade
so I formed a Perry Como cover band
but had to retire due to
the sexual advances of the blue-haired ladies
so now perform my one hit Masturbation Mambo
for Girl Scout fundraisers
alone at discerning malls and rollerskating rinks
infecting this great bland of hours
so you can see I used to be a rock star
until they rolled me away…
I guess Sisyphus didn’t like me.

– Smith, 11.15.2015

Click here to hear Masturbation Mambo –



sentinels of the see

Thursday, November 12th, 2015


Status Report 122

The last leafs left
look like birds,
sentinels of the see.

– Smith, 11.12.2015



cackle at our dither

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015


Status Report 121

Do the new day dance
while I gather my head together
to chance a pretty prance
before weaving whether
from falling pain
followed by occasioned disasters
a new forecast calling for gain
in breadth and height of laughter
I mean we ain’t even all here
more like holographic actors
providing laugh track cheer
to lighten dramatic factors
for the Gods-of-It or some other shtick
we’re just content culled from shelf
so when in need of other
Reality can forget itself
and cackle at our dither
between adverts for Schrodinger
low-interest koans
and home Om on the strange

– Smith, 11.11.2015

~ ~ ~

Read excellent African novel by Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart, 1959, Anchor Books, the story of a poor village boy who resents his no-account father so much he grows up to be a powerful adult, but not as powerful as he needs to be for redemption, and is destroyed by his inner rage. Paid 63 cents for it at the Guide to Kulchur Text, News & Books moving sale —

~ ~ ~

Been 7,777 listens to 105 online Mutant Smith songs past 4.5 years.

First 101 songs are from 2002 through this year with Peter Ball (1949-2015) doing music/mix/recording, and the newest 4 are with Billy Clarksville of Billy Clarksville & the Sinsations on music/mix/recording and backing vocals.

All songs free listen, free download –

More Billy Clarksville & the Sinsations —

And more Apartment One aka Peter Ball (1949-2015) who is using one of my fotos for his site’s profile foto . . .



caw rock crow roll

Saturday, November 7th, 2015


Status Report 120

Ear worm works my brain
(caw rock crow roll)
re-warmed ticking serving same
(crow rock caw roll)
unwanted words not my own
(raw ought road troll)
come from clown and go for clone
(stock walk molds soul)
no me-I to lie away
(straw law roils soil)
more puppet stringed to play
(spawn plot whole goal)
not best slot to hold they tone
here in time
but I don’t mind
I’ll worm my way away from woe

– Smith, 11.7.2015



full eye spider dog star sirius

Friday, November 6th, 2015


I am my bee-suit Lady’s suitor

Conversation with Wife 15

The Old Testicle sez the eye is never full.

“What does that mean?”

It means one can never fill one’s full desires
because the eye can never be satisfied

“What’s your desire?

For a full eye.

“What’s full eye?”

There’s the small i, the capital I, the individual I, the 3rd eye,
red eye, private eye, eye of storm, and finally, full eye.

Speaking of which, spinning cellar spider inside out door
spidereyes me each time we leave, we need to name her.

“Okay, Mz Tittynipple.”

Ooooh, sounds veddy British, like watching Chewy, Drooly, & Gooey,
The Three Oozes, on TV back in the 1950’s.

“I don’t know how to answer your silly statements.”

They are not silly statements, these are serious inquiries,
Dog Star Sirius!

“Well I’m glad you’re so patient with me.”

What, are we playing Doctor?

– Smith, 11.6.2015


working on the green line



this now one now next now will end

Thursday, November 5th, 2015


At times life’s so hard I’m amazed folk get through it, other times so neat and sweet it defies belief. They say life’s a tragedy for those who lead from the heart and a comedy to those who live from the mind, but what of us who do both?

Status Report 119

We all have awful times at times,
the mind wobbles, the day weighs,
money small, flesh heavy,
word won’t work,
time don’t tick
pain gains,
life’s naught but nasty trick,
and we can cry, and we can wail,
and hold our breath, and sit on tail,
and refuse to play, or agree on say,
but difference not it makes
cuz awful wobble day of weigh
goes right on tromping
re-rigging weave
best keep on trucking
trouble ain’t gonna leave
till unworked in replay
so inhale, step, exhale, step yet again,
set cycle to repeat
and this now one now next now will end
eventually in heal.

– Smith, 11.5.2015



2-dimensional space chunks

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015


Status Report 118

We are 2-dimensional space chunks in
a 3-D equation dreamt by broken

china butterflies in Tokyo herding
clumsy bulls through planes of explain in Spain

sez quantum guru thorough and sincere
hoping to soothe my flat fear and tear ooze

dripping X-Y-Z axis from 2-D
eye down nose around lip off chin to spin

relative lies in quantum skin so thin
that in, not out about, spouts origin

making me a pen inked pencil sketch of
full formed Sisyphus rolling real rock

up mock time over faux space erasing
all of here, there, we, where, or peace of place.

An interesting course, but does not prevent
the fact that we still have to pay the rent.

– Smith, 11.4.2015



dead flies can’t fly, but they’re still flies

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015



We’re done for three weeks.

Every week since April 21 we’ve driven an hour east to Ashtabula to take care of our first beehive in one capacity or another. Now that fall honey harvest is over and we’ve winterized the hive, we need only monthly quick checks until spring warmth frees the bees from winter cluster flux.

If we get our bees through to spring, we’ll indeed beekeepers be.

April 21, 2016 will make one year for us as beekeepers, and 25 years of me being sober. I like that our beekeeping anniversary is also my sobriety anniversary.

Meet Me at the Meta Morph

Time flies, yet it can’t fly.
Dead flies can’t fly, but they’re still flies.

Far away train wail to would
is can’t to could and should to say.

We need to tell the Jabberwocky this
to incorporate it into his dance.

For between done and do
the White Rabbit wants to rock and rue.

Slowly we’re heading for hole
falling through this last of laugh.

 – Smith, 11.3.2015



Abacus & Costello

Monday, November 2nd, 2015


But Seriously, Flux

Everything’s relative, especially relatives.

Every since they kicked us out of the Garden of Eden,
I’ve loved the Fall.

Do you know what Vitamin C becomes after eating?
Vitamin Saw.

DNA instruction say
before assembly, it is best to be two people.

I don’t believe in Utopia, I believe in MEtopia.

Why do algae wear brassieres?
Who knows, that’s why folks study algebra.

What’s H2O?
8 letters – H I J K L M N O.

Who’s a comedy team you can count on?
Abacus & Costello.

Can you spare some fair change, master?

– Smith, 11.2.2015



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