Month: December 2015

  • joe archangel

    Archangel for California poet Joe Archangelini Arcangelini sending us hand-taped haiku our west coast angel for there are seven archangels Ameretat, Asha Vahishta, Azreal, Barachiel, Gabriel, Haniel, Haurvatat, Israfil, Izidkiel, Jegudiel, Jeremiel, Joel, Jophiel, Kepharel, Khamael, Khshathra Vairya, Metatron, Michael, Raguel, Raphael, Raziel, Remiel, Sandalphon, Saraqael, Sealtiel, Selaphiel, Spenta Armaiti, Spenta Mainyu, Tzadkiel, Tzaphkiel, Uriel, […]

  • Medusa’s Kitchen, post 2

    coffee machine Thanks to Medusa’s Kitchen and Kathy Kieth for posting my poem Creation Mist with a fine anonymous foto of Raven talking his tale. I am amazed with Ms. Kieth’s layout excellence in her daily blogs of art, poetry, fotografy . . . glad to be part of her people . . . plus […]

  • count rips as sown

    Status Report 150 The why before the next step the now of the now pain and the where whence wince is there beginning? does it lead to end? is knot not? are right and wrong like day and night completing coin? a equals b equals c equals z apples bobbing pears in lemonade where is […]

  • I’m still waiting, but it appears I may be too cool for Cleveland

    “Unlike many self-published books, this is a really good book.” Wred Fright, Amazon dot com. Discovered this review yesterday which was posted last year on Amazon of my memoir – “Stations of the Lost & Found, a True Tale of Armed Robbery, Stolen Cars, Outsider Art, Mutant Poetry, Underground Publishing, Robbing the Cradle, and Leaving […]

  • when I first found the female form

    Status Report 148 I greatly enjoyed the learning curve when I first found the female form. The sacred gathers in ritual of release, in clean sheets, in freshly made bed, in bathed bodies, in dream’s ease. – Smith, 12.26.2015

  • thnx 2 the big U

    Status Report 147 Thank you reality for this day thank you for this adventure thank you for this life thank you for the fotografs thank you for the poems the art the friends and family along the way But mostly thanks for all the fun and fear – Smith, 12.25.2015

  • savory Lady with spice in stride

    Status Report 146 Lovely Lady deep sweet life sunny shady streaked with strife most the gravy comes from wife Gimme an extra helping please of savory Lady with spice in stride – Smith, 12.24.2015 Happy bornday Lady K. May the new year see your business bloom. Lady made Christmas gingerbread cookies using honey from our […]

  • grooovy

    This Video Does Not Exist 1974 Baltimore in my roommate’s maybe ex-girlfriend’s apartment on serious LSD lying on her waterbed waving at colors dripping from the sky she waiting for my advance me too schmuck to move she plays side two of Monty Python’s Matching Tie and Handkerchief but cut she wants not there so […]

  • howl dance ever slow over snow

    Status Report 145 Black wolf’s father figure howls to the mom on my laptop monitor documentary and as their howls dance ever slow over snow our fur curled cat stirs on the couch raises her head apprehensively looks around pauses then lays back down in trust at my soft assurance – Smith, 12.22.2015

  • flesh falls from flesh

    Status Report 144 Leaves I believe branches too sometimes even trunks What comes from earth returns to earth rises to air again Flesh falls from flesh cleaves to dirt weaves the worry worm Meat bags of heat eat and mate and weep cheat the dark in sleep I believe in leaves branches too they live […]