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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

Archive for December, 2015

joe archangel

Thursday, December 31st, 2015


for California poet Joe Archangelini

sending us hand-taped haiku
our west coast angel

for there are seven archangels

Ameretat, Asha Vahishta, Azreal, Barachiel, Gabriel,
Haniel, Haurvatat, Israfil, Izidkiel, Jegudiel,
Jeremiel, Joel, Jophiel, Kepharel, Khamael,
Khshathra Vairya, Metatron, Michael,
Raguel, Raphael, Raziel, Remiel,
Sandalphon, Saraqael, Sealtiel,
Selaphiel, Spenta Armaiti,
Spenta Mainyu, Tzadkiel,
Tzaphkiel, Uriel,
and Joe

– Smith, 12.31.2015



Medusa’s Kitchen, post 2

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

coffeemakercoffee machine

Thanks to Medusa’s Kitchen and Kathy Kieth for posting my poem Creation Mist with a fine anonymous foto of Raven talking his tale.

I am amazed with Ms. Kieth’s layout excellence in her daily blogs of art, poetry, fotografy . . . glad to be part of her people . . . plus Medusa’s Kitchen is such a great name poetically –

Status Report 151

Coffee and grass are my favorite path
my future, my present, my past.

– Smith, 12.29.2015

Interesting poem since I’m currently unstoned temporarily in this spotty potless present, though I am highly caffeinated.


my cowboy coffee, pan made Sumatran, XXXXXtra strong


count rips as sown

Monday, December 28th, 2015


Status Report 150

The why before the next step
the now of the now pain
and the where whence wince

is there beginning?
does it lead to end?
is knot not?

are right and wrong
like day and night
completing coin?

a equals b equals c equals z
apples bobbing pears
in lemonade

where is the aid
the manual for mind
to mime mind?

we weigh quantity or quality
vector or velocity
confuse both

yet press on
complete day passage
count rips as sown

no answer here
no there there
still bill is due

collection agency calling
Saint Peter on phone
past do arrears

– Smith, 12.28.2015



I’m still waiting, but it appears I may be too cool for Cleveland

Sunday, December 27th, 2015

“Unlike many self-published books, this is a really good book.” Wred Fright, Amazon dot com.


Discovered this review yesterday which was posted last year on Amazon of my memoir – “Stations of the Lost & Found, a True Tale of Armed Robbery, Stolen Cars, Outsider Art, Mutant Poetry, Underground Publishing, Robbing the Cradle, and Leaving the Country” by Smith & Lady.

It is a good review, which means a lot, especially since I’ve sent out three dozen free copies of the book to reviewers and none have bothered. Several local reviewers told me they would write it up it when it came out in 2012 . . . I’m still waiting, but it appears I may be too cool for Cleveland.

4 out of 5 stars – Smith Has Led Quite a Life!
by Wred Fright on May 4, 2014

“I’m a little sad that no one’s posted a review of this book yet and it’s been out for two years, so I will post one. Basically, it’s the biography of Smith, who is an artist and poet based in Cleveland, Ohio USA. His wife, Lady, comes into the story later, but it isn’t her life story. She is credited as co-author because she helped Smith write the book. Like many self-published works, the book is a bit uneven and could have used more editing (for example, jettisoning the journal entries that effectively only retell events that Smith has already told the reader in the main narrative would have been a particularly good idea). Unlike many self-published works, this is a really good book. I laughed aloud many times and shook my head about the many crazy things Smith has done. Underneath all the insanity (including armed robbery) described, the book also has a lot of soul; for example, I found Smith’s relationship with his mother to be very touching. Nevertheless, it’s definitely a countercultural document. If you like underground Cleveland art such as Pere Ubu, Harvey Pekar, or d.a. levy, then you’ll likely dig this book. It has that kind of vibe. In fact, even if you don’t care anything about Cleveland underground art, but you like autobiographical and bohemian writers such as Charles Bukowski or Henry Miller, then you’ll likely dig this book. I bought it on a whim since I am slightly acquainted with Smith and Lady from living in the Cleveland area myself, but I’m glad that I did so. Frankly, a lot of the Cleveland literary scene isn’t very interesting, so it’s great to find a book from it that is actually interesting. Smith crammed sixty-some years of life into this book. Here’s hoping he lives much longer, if only for the readerly selfish reason that if he does, then we can might get a sequel!”

It’s available on Amazon and CreateSpace for $20 plus shipping. If folk order it from me, It’s $20 and I pay the shipping. Or, if you stop by and pick it up, it’s $15, plus you get to see a hundred pieces of art on the walls by two dead Smiths and two live Smiths . . .

This might be the best memoir to come out of Cleveland.

Status Report 149

Night rain washing street below
which should be covered in snow.

Wife early asleep in our unwinter bed
awaiting the toss of my turn.

Quiet neighbor raucously laughing
party shrieks, giggles bellow.

Drawing out my last pinch of pot
savoring three sips over time.

Vignettes building on on and off bits
spotlight the in of my ept.

Yet all is well for fortune flows
from them to me to view.

The neighbor’s nice, the rain wanted,
the wife pure peach in cream.

Grass gone in cycle helps clean the pipes
and sidewalks one day will re-ice.

If it weren’t for me nursing my mean
delight would be bursting my seam

– Smith, 12.27.2015


Cleveland gray


when I first found the female form

Saturday, December 26th, 2015


Status Report 148

I greatly enjoyed the learning curve
when I first found the female form.

The sacred gathers in ritual of release,
in clean sheets, in freshly made bed,
in bathed bodies, in dream’s ease.

– Smith, 12.26.2015



thnx 2 the big U

Friday, December 25th, 2015


Status Report 147

Thank you reality for this day
thank you for this adventure
thank you for this life
thank you for the fotografs
thank you for the poems
the art
the friends and family along the way
But mostly
thanks for all the fun and fear

– Smith, 12.25.2015



savory Lady with spice in stride

Thursday, December 24th, 2015


Status Report 146

Lovely Lady
deep sweet life
sunny shady
streaked with strife
most the gravy
comes from wife

Gimme an extra helping please
of savory Lady
with spice in stride

– Smith, 12.24.2015

Happy bornday Lady K. May the new year see your business bloom.

Lady made Christmas gingerbread cookies using honey from our hive. Don’t care for ginger, but these are tasty. Think the honey softens the savageness. We decorated them oddly. I did the misshapened one.

Kathy Kieth of Medusa’s Kitchen posted 9 poems, 10 fotos, and 1 song of mine online. She posts different poets every day, with some repeating regularly, like D.R. Wagner whom I met at BeatStreet Cleveland 2015 and who slipped me into the Kitchen by including my Ferlinghetti poem with some of his. This is a good selection of old and new poems  >>>






Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015


This Video Does Not Exist

in my roommate’s maybe ex-girlfriend’s apartment
on serious LSD
lying on her waterbed
waving at colors dripping from the sky
she waiting for my advance
me too schmuck to move
she plays side two of Monty Python’s
Matching Tie and Handkerchief
but cut she wants not there
so plays side one
still not there
plays side two again amid our hallucinations
different record comes out
plays what she wanted
but we don’t care
just stare at the magic

Years flowed
found we’d been Monty Pythoned
side one has one groove
side two two
for three-sided record

Magic remains

– Smith, 12.23.2015



howl dance ever slow over snow

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015


Status Report 145

Black wolf’s father figure howls to the mom
on my laptop monitor documentary
and as their howls dance ever slow over snow
our fur curled cat stirs on the couch
raises her head apprehensively
looks around
then lays back down in trust at my soft assurance

– Smith, 12.22.2015



flesh falls from flesh

Monday, December 21st, 2015


Status Report 144

Leaves I believe
branches too
sometimes even trunks

What comes from earth
returns to earth
rises to air again

Flesh falls from flesh
cleaves to dirt
weaves the worry worm

Meat bags of heat
eat and mate and weep
cheat the dark in sleep

I believe in leaves
branches too
they live and grow sans thought

– Smith, 12.21.2015

The squirrel is from Lady’s winter 2015 solstice reading at the nature center. As the reading finished, we saw a bald eagle fly over and all the small meat life scattered. Eagle soared in circles for maybe 4 minutes. This is my second flying eagle sighting, and both were this year.




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