Month: January 2016

  • Sisyphus Smith

    Sisyphus Smith First couple sips strong black coffee couple tokes cheap weed a bit more coffee see if the ache of pains pass sit in the low light waiting for sun to rise my favorite time of day before light before strife before might turns to maybe turns to later turns to lost turns to […]

  • is but was on way to when

    detail from Pharmacy Duchamp, 1980s Supple Simon Sez Lot of shallow in my deep many a crocodile do I weep Tons of sheep within my sham too much ain’t in my am I fake sincere with best of them obscure my grim in rictus grin Bite my lip to hide sharp tooth pretend paid news […]

  • i prefer rats

    Mr. Businessman (detail from large Smith sculpture) Status Report 168 Rats sing. Rats laugh. Rats line their nests with gnawed American money. The rich sing. The rich laugh. The rich also line their nests with money not their own. I prefer rats. They do it for love. – Smith, 1.29.2016 Think my new piece East […]

  • time to check my warrantee

    either Derek Hess or Hess inspired Status Report 167 Caffeine and codeine make for fine pre-sun buzz thanks to broken knee. Down the trail of broken bones: Nose, five ribs, right hand, right wrist, left wrist, right elbow, left elbow, collar bone, big toe, left knee, small toes, cracked pelvis, innumerable cracked ribs… Time to […]

  • plop Plop PLOp PLOP

    Conversation with Wife 21 “You’re going to eat aren’t you?” Yes. “When?” After you go to bed. “What?” I don’t know, cold cereal, oatmeal maybe. “Oatmeal’s good for you, firms your bowels.” Oh I love bowels especially church bowels when they play plop Plop PLOp PLOP plop Plop PLOp PLOP POOp POOP Poop poop plop […]

  • purr fur

    The Bloodless In-Between She’s so warm and soft asleep on chairback behind my head purr filled fur paw touching my shoulder in sweet affection my blood dried on her tooth and claw Life is hard except when it’s not – Smith, 1.26.2016 14th day of broken kneecap. Seems at least a week longer. Believe the […]

  • memory mammary mummery muse

    Status Report 166 Sex is messy. Birth is nessy. Life is messy. Then there’s death and decay. But oh, the memories, the mammaries, the mummery, the muse. – Smith, 1.25.2016

  • it is what it is

    Status Report 165 “It is what it is” they long been saying. “It is what it is” always been true. “It is what it is” unlevels the playing. “It is what it is” don’t mean that you do. – Smith, 1.24.2016

  • twinkle twinkle glitter star

    change in  PD comics size – foto 10% larger than actual comic Parachute Buddha Twinkle twinkle glitter star how far wonderful you are. Bits of lace from scraps of sky wisp within my mind of eye. What’s the span of plan, my man? Adjusting flow within the go? Or skipping highs for lesser lows? Too hep to […]

  • conversation with wife 20

    Conversation with Wife 20 Lady sez “I love u.” What about the other 25 letters of the alphabet? How do you feel about them? She clicks and PAUSE appears on the screen. “I gotta pee!” Me too. Is this a pee pause? “Pee pause!” Pee pause! we shout and highfive. How many pees in a […]