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frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

parachute Buddha


Status Report 162

I’m a stand up kind of guy.

What do get when you grow two shoots?
A pairashoot.

Why do they call it a freeway
when it costs so much to drive?

If a nickle is composed of 25% nickle
how much dime is in a dime?

Is Sisyphus a sissy for not putting up a fuss?

Who is Caspar the Friendly Ghost’s spirit leader?

Too much violins in country music
not enough sax.

What did the dishonest bamboo do?

Is a chamomile longer than a human mile?

Why call it a highway
when they won’t let you drive stoned?

What condition is the alcoholic bamboo in?

Is the Salton Sea near the Pepperoff Sea?

What city tokes the most marijuana?

I’d walk a chamomile for a camel
wearing a camouflaged camisole

Is this a cluster flux?

– Smith, 1.19.2016


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