Month: February 2016

  • sleep wake wake sleep

    sleepwake Status Report 187 It’s good to have a porpoise in life helps in having a whale of a time unless you winnow your minnows. Sometimes dark takes the mind getting through gets heavy gets hard, gets weary just logical stuff happens no happen, no stuff it goes in cycles that’s why there’s sleep and […]

  • life laws and flaws brought no applause

    trap door Status Report 186 I used to work in the land mines. That’s where all this land comes from. I dug it up. I’d go down long tunnels of nothing hunt for something return to light and sum bring. But my write of life laws and flaws brought no applause because of. – Smith, […]

  • boketto brain

    one small step Status Report 185 Got the act, just need the action. I’m smart enough for it to be a problem but not smart enough to make it pay. Unfamous I fumble my future suture to suture to further unfind I’m not a main user. I want it all, and then some, plus 10%. […]

  • 3 flute lifeform

    Bree Zlee Zlee, who is living in an ex-brothel in Paradise, Kentucky, featured my creative existence in her EFFITS UNDY underground blog yesterday > Status Report 184 Sitting in comfort of silence sipping first sip of black coffee honoring unrisen sun which will not be seen through raingray overwarm winter Awaiting 5-hole handmade red […]

  • hive head

    Status Report 183 Restless leg syndrome creeps up my body to my brain till I don’t want to be aware not here not there not anywhere just sleep deep through flocking sheep wake late in sun of shine divine wrested from leg drain and human unkind – Smith, 2.23.2016 Lady K’s is adding clay molded […]

  • so Cain cried “You want dead animal, God?”

    Status Report 182 Abel offered burnt meat to God. Cain offered cooked veggies. The smell of flesh was sweet unto the Lord not so the vegan course so Cain cried “You want dead animal, God?” and bashed Abel’s head in. “Here’s your meat.” – Smith, 2.22.2016

  • lost our hive

    foto of our beehive with Miles the Wonder Dog by Tim Green Status Report 180 We lost the hive lost our girls our babies Went from 10,00 bees to 70,000 bees to none. Our first year beekeeping ends three months short. Try again. ~ Dumped our first batch of 10,000 bees into our first hive […]

  • go thee, and suffer less

    the Irreverend Smith & his beloved Lady presiding Status Report 179 Block the bright Keep the shades down I shall sleep away this light Recharge for wear of war prepare for wise in daily lie – Smith, 2.19.2016

  • Song of Corporate Alley

    Song of Corporate Alley I worship the gods OhByGosh and ByGolly One’s rather rash, the other quite jolly Neither asks tithing except initial teething Both entail writhing with a bit of reeling One comes from Heck, the other some Heaven On wrong side of track with odds uneven With their Holy Gulpees and Thin Wafer […]

  • many a was unwanted

    Status Report 178 Mother Nature’s nipple and Poppa Time’s lime sometimes get their pickles slathered up in slime stretching interstitial stitches saving nine A fistful of silly is a sought full of sigh as we willy nilly crawl through this cry peopling our steeples with the unrealized The lone train moan in our valley of […]