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policy Polonius


Policy Polonius

Roundy round round
roundy round round
cover again the same old ground

Keep yr nose clean
wash yr own mind
stay in line and don’t be wrong kind

Grindy grind grind
groundy ground ground
this working wheel will wear you down

Rub a dub scrub
wash and wax hacks
cover yr ass and hide yr tracks

– Smith, 3.24.2016

Just discovered I have a haiku quite similar to one in the 1600’s by Buson, one of the four great haiku masters.

Buson’s sexual haiku:

The short night is through:
on the hairy caterpillar,
little beads of dew

or depending on translator

The short night–
on the hairy caterpillar
beads of dew.

mine from 2010:

The caterpillar
glistens in night-sparkled dew
hides in its foreskin


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