Month: April 2016

  • depends on verse and vector

    Status Report 206 Good ain’t all good. Bad ain’t all bad. Sad’s sad unless you’re glad. Could all be better. Could all be worse. Depends on verse and vector view and valor unless you’re cursed or seeking hearse. Float like a bee sing like a butterfly – Smith, 4.30.2016

  • Glow Go Mo-Fo

    My sound card’s still dead, and I’m astonished how lessened the internet experience is without sound – no watching news videos, no listening to music, no meditation bell dinging every 15 minutes, no dipping into the endless treasure trove of dead Prince bits people are sharing. NightBallet Press is putting out a chapbook of poetry […]

  • there was Spirit, there was Bone

    Lady’s poem Sun Dance was the Cuyahoga County Public Library’s poem-of-the-day for Tuesday April 26 – Her poem first appeared in “Oct Tongue -1″ published by Crisis Chronicles Press in 2014 (a collaborative book featuring 31 poems each by Mary E. Weems, John Swain, Steven Smith, Kathy Smith, Shelley Chernin, Steve Brightman and John […]

  • Dr Smith’s duct-tape wrap

    Lady’s duct-taped stung left hand after Dr Smith’s visit Lady got stung Monday as we picked up our bees from Queenright Colony. With hundreds of 3-pound boxes of bees shipped from California stacked about, thousands of bees were loose and one landed on Lady’s shawl unbeknownst to her. She accidentally brushed it with her hand. […]

  • lay away now, pay a lot later

    Our bees are here. Last year was our first as beekeepers. Got our box of 10,000 bees in April and by fall had turned them into 70,000 and 125 pounds of honey. Then early February they disappeared. So we ordered more for year two. Yesterday drove 44 miles southwest to Spencer to pick up our […]

  • Pollination

    Petals’ smoother-than-leaf plastic velvet house essential color and oil

  • is moon half full or empty?

    Status Report 204 Is moon half full or empty? She says “They don’t make old people like they used to.” Vintage run from vine to sage in muck of wine and wage. Younger blood make old mice young so with me and Lady. You must pent before you repent. Sentient life is wrinkle of time […]

  • folk yak at me but their words got no life

    Walking an alternate reality since doctor called Tuesday saying he wasn’t going to cut me open Thursdayday after all, so today I walk in sun rather than haze under pain meds in hospital while wearing hard collar to keep two metal neck rods from moving. Operation still likely to happen this summer once they rule […]

  • you’re a traffic light

    Inner Light You’re a traffic light you hang there shine in sun sway in wind drip in rain, ice, snow go yellow red green one way green yellow red the other destiny duty done same color color color after same color color color forever and ever for men to no then no later ever changing […]

  • Lady Poem 4/22/2016

    A child crouched on the aside of a stream