Month: May 2016

  • t’was a Goldilocks day

    Out at the In-laws 19 T’was a Goldilocks day green leaves, blue sky, sweet honey sun. Dead Man’s Curve 90-degree right slings us hour east as Cannonball Adderley and Miles Davis mile us on. Pa-law’s talking of walking and watching sitting the land through shadings of season “Excepting the deadfall of winter.” Tasting Ma-law’s dish, […]

  • Meandering through Mammon

    Lady needed more Boss Ma’am business clothes so we ventured into Surface City which had no pity as we walked through miles of aisles of tops and bottoms and intimate in-betweens normally unseen. Being her driver, I pushed the shopping cart, and as I sat waiting outside dressing rooms, I saw one tried-on unbought dress […]

  • small stuffed tigers running up the steps

    One of the reasons this is my 21st day of not smoking grass is financial, but the real reason is daily toking dumps my dreams from short term memory as I wake. I finally woke remembering this doozy of a dream Friday night. Cleveland Dream 2016.5.28 Lady and I walking down the street were cut […]

  • May 29, 2016 Lady Poem

    How unexpected a bird flapping down from the roof – decision and missive rendered. Thock thock thock thock thock. Cross between rubber and drum. Bird chatter indicative of a quiescence when the traffic ebbs. Carousel cars turn toward then into rafts of away. I lift my head up from the computer in a minute of […]

  • The Spanish Truck Robbery

    The Spanish Truck Robbery Dream woke me. I lived alone wandering high desert castle swimming in pool beneath dark dungeon canyon Robbed an armored truck in Spanish hills can’t remember why some sad thing not for money or adventure robbery was fun exciting desert storm dark night bright sun light Robbery went weird partner disappeared, […]

  • Lady Poem May 27, 2016

    Fastidious ants granulate in busy grasping-legged clusters from cracks on the sidewalk such slices of life appear Season’s turned from gelid to humid and summer’s undulating poshness catches me by surprise Kites at Edgewater beckon blooming dresses in expansive recesses of heaven on earth, the consciousness of time’s luxury Frantic to feel the ease of […]

  • private parts

    Private Parts Old sonnets of love long lost live on in country western songs of loves gone wrong which must be saved no matter cost Since time begun the song most sung sings wrong will be all right if only not alone tonight cuz less than two rates one as dung They all outcry before […]

  • kulchur

    Past Imperfect Dawn comes. Day’s spawn stirs climbing light’s stairs to possible stars. Or clings instead stark to dark tossing hope to mope on mind’s morass. What was, was. Soak in sulk of done gone past or get off your ass. Rise to wise. Work the struggle puzzle. Don’t rewalk past acts. – Smith, 5.26.2016 […]

  • Lady Poem May 26, 2016

    Cool breeze on a day going to get hot whilst my intense frenetic quotidian thought knits bird whistles chirps growing more insistent – that and breeze lifts my attention to the open window the nearer sparrow sweet and her fellows on further branches cross the street less so rasping straw ricocheting echoes The potential of […]

  • high wire with no rope

    Finally caught up on my daily May poems. Been going through 10 years of archived blog posts searching for previous surreal dreams. Will start posting the special ones. Should be remembering my dreams better since this is day 18 of not buying grass . . . smoking every day seems to flush them from short […]