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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

Spirit & Bone in Skin


I’ve started a dream file, going back through our 4,032 blogs on WalkingThinIce in search of some of my surreal dreams I started remembering during our 31 months of living in 10 foreign countries for 31 months. If I smoke grass daily, I don’t remember my dreams because they’re dumped from short term memory as I wake, but in our first 17 months of travel, I was grassless 75% of the time, only finding grass in London, blonde hash in France, and black hash in Morocco.

Here’s my first dream, in London:

dream 2006.8.10

Dream last night – we were in some steel and glass canyon of a German city and I asked Kathy where the car was. She ignored me, walked away. I was confused, went out, came back, held her arms and asked again – she laughed oddly and ran away. Finally saw the sad sad sorrow in her eyes and asked her ‘am I alive?’ She shook her head no. Asked her if my death was my fault – she angrily says “it might as well be as fast as you were driving.” Lots more, including oddly cut holes in the expensive hotel floor. Finally found out someone had killed me and I turned into Jim Carrey and the dream became a revenge movie with us tracking down my murderers and getting even.

Catching up, catsup in my ketchup, mustard in my seed. Mary E. Weems, Lady K., and I are doing a poem a day in May . . . all three of us are a few days behind schedule.

~ ~ ~

Status Report 213

Black dog chews my ego
envy eats my eye

As for this
the me you see hid in lie

Float high turd in piss
below low flow

– Smith, 5.22.2016

~ ~ ~

Spirit & Bone in Skin

Bone and Spirit forming flesh
scratch direction in the sand
to work the waking wheel

Spirit soars with wind to cloud
lifts heart to breeze
to soothe her sorrow

Bone takes flesh on flight
slides from moon to sun
to warm his marrow

Both wear it well
skin that is
under press of flesh and heel

– Smith, 5.23.2016

~ ~ ~


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