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I’m going to be on TV tonight


I’m going to be on TV tonight.

My “illegal loft dweller” warehouse days downtown Cleveland in 1981-85 are to be part of tonight’s IDEAS show channel 25 (Friday, May 13, 8:30 pm WVIZ/PBS, duration 26:46).

Description: Weekly regional news roundup. City Club of Cleveland excerpt of Ohio’s Secretary of State Jon Husted. David C. Barnett reports on how old abandoned warehouses are finding new life as centers for creative arts.

We don’t have a TV to watch it, and I have no idea how much of my interview will be used, but at some point it will be online and I’ll post the url. I’m quite curious how I’ll come across.

Barnett is reworking this short IDEAS piece into a longer segment for a later APPLAUSE show on channel 25 as well.

Spirit & Bone Abound

Spirit and Bone in flesh do dance
away their night in jail

Weighing wait for their chance
of getting down to wail

Greeting grit and grease in groan
to make their moisture moan

Spirit whispers soft to him
“You so rigid run”

“And you so thin” Bone replies
“I see right through you, hon”

 – Smith, 5.13.2016


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