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Archive for May, 2016

been wondering about my dreams

Monday, May 16th, 2016

spur is about 1/3 from top of foto,
the black protrusion on the right
pushing into the white surrounding
the lighter gray spinal cord

I’ve been wondering about my dreams. I’m a vivid dreamer, totally detailed with things like pebbles on the ground and dust in the basement and spiderwebs, all in color, frequently surreal.

Like to remember my dreams because they give me an idea of how I’m doing mentally and spiritually.

But when I smoke grass every day, my nightly dreams are dumped from short-term memory as I wake, leaving me clueless, and I’ve had a great run of smoking daily for past five months. But ran out a week ago and decided to wait due to finances, and voila, woke with memory this morn.

In my pre-dawn dream, the Akron Art Museum had an open show, so I snuck in and left a live beehive. One woman got stung and caused a scandal. When Lady and I went down to pick up the hive, the authorities asked me to apologize. Lady said she was sorry, which she would have been in real life because someone got hurt, and in real life I would never have done the hive thing for that very reason, but in the dream I said no, I’m not sorry, it was an excellent art interaction. Then the director asked, “Did Chiplis drive you down?” and I said yes. Dream over.

Jeff Chiplis is a 35-year-long friend who creates sculptures from found and recycled neon and is quite well-known – see his work here >

Mary E. Weems, Lady K. Smith, and myself are writing a poem-a-day for May. Here’s today’s poem incorporating the doctor’s description of my MRI showing a bone/cartilage spur in my neck pressing against and bruising my spinal cord causing a 7-month slight numbness and tingling in the fingertips of both hands. Looks like the doctor’s going to go in, scrape the burr spur off and put two metal rods in to stabilize my degenerating neck bones – a laminectomy and fusion sometime this summer.

I’m going to ask him if he can insert the rods horizontally so they stick out of my neck with bolts on the end Ala Frankenstein’s monster.

Status Report 211

Doc sez
There is severe degenerative disc disease
at C4-5.
Exaggerated kyphosis at C4-C5
is demonstrated.
At C4-5 there is moderate compression
secondary to the kyphosis
and degenerative disc bulge
and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy.
One subtle area of abnormal signal
or mass demonstrated.
There is hypertrophic facet arthropathy
bilaterally left greater than right
contributing to moderate
foraminal narrowing on the left
and mild foraminal narrowing on the right.
At C5-6 hypertrophic facet arthropathy.
This causes minimal degenerative
spondylolisthesis of C5 on C6.
There is no spinal canal encroachment.
There is minimal foraminal
narrowing bilaterally.
At C6-7, mild degenerative disc bulge
and spurring without neural compression.
Moderate compression of the cord at C4-C5
secondary to focal kyphosis
and degenerative disc disease.
Going to have to do a laminectomy
to scrap the burr spur off
then fuse the neck bones
to two metal rods.

So I say
Doc, can you insert the rods sideways
so they stick out, and add bolt heads
a’la Frankenstein’s monster?

As I say in a previous poem
I am a man of bad bone.

– Smith, 5.16.2016



holy smoke

Sunday, May 15th, 2016


Cannabis Sativa

I wholly toke the holy smoke
when I have it
and when I don’t
I don’t

– Smith, 5.15.2016



took 70 years to get on TV, and I didn’t even see it

Saturday, May 14th, 2016


I was some unknown part of WVIZ/PBS channel 25’s IDEAS show last night that looked at my “illegal loft dweller” warehouse days from 1981 to 85, but having no TV, we couldn’t watch it. I believe at some point it will be archived online. Until then, I sit and wonder what I said, how I came across, and how much I was involved in my first TV appearance.

Took 70 years to get on TV, and I didn’t even see it. Reality slyly grins.

David C. Barnett, the interviewer/producer, plans on reworking the warehouse portion into a longer segment for a later APPLAUSE show.

Medusa’s Kitchen out in California featured 9 of my poems, 8 fotos, and 2 songs yesterday. Been a once-a-month feature for 6 months now, and I cherish the opportunity. Check it out at

~ ~ ~

In the Beginning

Before the light and after dark
sparks in might to ignite quark

Write fast, sing slow
reach high, work low

Crystal birth and magicked youth
dim to dust in time’s misuse

– Smith, 5.14.2016



Lady Poem 5/14/2016

Saturday, May 14th, 2016

My mind can be fecund
like the syrup of fresh ground coffee and chocolate cake
sums and words piled and cleaved, shuffled cards,
cash registers dinging compiled code
clean with dustpan and broom

My speech can be distinctly sparse
yet complete, or I can dole ladles of cadence
choice paint

My manner smooth
as grace

My appetite selective
as a plate of crudites to earn
just a bit of sugar, please
then I’ll brush my teeth

~ Lady


I’m going to be on TV tonight

Friday, May 13th, 2016


I’m going to be on TV tonight.

My “illegal loft dweller” warehouse days downtown Cleveland in 1981-85 are to be part of tonight’s IDEAS show channel 25 (Friday, May 13, 8:30 pm WVIZ/PBS, duration 26:46).

Description: Weekly regional news roundup. City Club of Cleveland excerpt of Ohio’s Secretary of State Jon Husted. David C. Barnett reports on how old abandoned warehouses are finding new life as centers for creative arts.

We don’t have a TV to watch it, and I have no idea how much of my interview will be used, but at some point it will be online and I’ll post the url. I’m quite curious how I’ll come across.

Barnett is reworking this short IDEAS piece into a longer segment for a later APPLAUSE show on channel 25 as well.

Spirit & Bone Abound

Spirit and Bone in flesh do dance
away their night in jail

Weighing wait for their chance
of getting down to wail

Greeting grit and grease in groan
to make their moisture moan

Spirit whispers soft to him
“You so rigid run”

“And you so thin” Bone replies
“I see right through you, hon”

 – Smith, 5.13.2016



May 13 Elle Poem

Friday, May 13th, 2016

We persist a long time
not so much day to day flippy floppy
yin yang but afterthought –
hereafter romanticized

Not dancing life versus death
rather breath for bone,


It lets me be, my skeleton
and when I’ll see my soul my death
will look down and cry, sad grappler at
sad grappler until my breath realizes
autonomous persistence and
after’s whatever

~ Elle


May 12, 2016 Lady Poem

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

Satisfaction so easily found
in the sunshine of your love
in the extended moments of
long Saturday afternoons

Saturday holy middle days
shushed work or carpentry rehab
of personal projects

Time for parks and poignant green dreams –
moist warm plant and earth smells harken
youth’s outdoor playtime like memory
beheld in a celestial momento plate

~ Lady



Thursday, May 12th, 2016


Status Report 210

Things change
roles roll

you can fight
or go with flow

try to aim
or tilt the cart

after horse
before the fart

– Smith, 5.12.2016

MandyCat got upset this pre-4am morning when her constant meow…meow…meow…meow didn’t get Lady up, so she did her dry-vomit trick because she knows her gagging gets me up immediately so I know where to clean up the vomit.

I’m not happy. I love her so much but have to admit she’s sociopathic. I judge people by their books, music, children, and pets. What does MandyCat say about us?

She’s 14. Can’t imagine living without her, but doubt I’d want another after her. I’m tired of not being able to go anywhere because psychocat needs both her humans here to serve her. I’m tired of her waking Lady up between 2 and 3 every morning which is straining Lady’s daily thread.

Thank god we don’t have kids. Freezer wouldn’t be large enough to store them.



Lady Poems 5/10 & 5/11/2016

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016


Walking out to the living room in the early a.m. murk, the cat’s dark shadow swimming at my feet as noticeable as a fish coming into view in the shallows of a pond.



Late winter shadows spindle
twist and ripple – trunks
whip through sunlight
in the dash of our car

Come spring, green filigree sprouts lace
on branches’ whimsy growing thicker,
clotting into mottled canopy

Trees elegant shush
as though installations on grass
mowed and dotted by Seurat
on the grounds of a
major metropolitan
art museum


yellow sideways sun casting chocolate shadow

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016


Status Report 209

A fall day feel in early spring moment
of white contrail slicing gray Cleveland sky,
I-90 traffic sounds rushing like a river,
bird chirp filled trees,
setting sun lighting dark leaves in gold glow,
a breath of breeze soft and cool,
wife asleep on couch,
cat asleep on chair,
the yellow sideways sun casting chocolate shadow.

– Smith, 5.11.2016



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