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Status Report 210

Things change
roles roll

you can fight
or go with flow

try to aim
or tilt the cart

after horse
before the fart

– Smith, 5.12.2016

MandyCat got upset this pre-4am morning when her constant meow…meow…meow…meow didn’t get Lady up, so she did her dry-vomit trick because she knows her gagging gets me up immediately so I know where to clean up the vomit.

I’m not happy. I love her so much but have to admit she’s sociopathic. I judge people by their books, music, children, and pets. What does MandyCat say about us?

She’s 14. Can’t imagine living without her, but doubt I’d want another after her. I’m tired of not being able to go anywhere because psychocat needs both her humans here to serve her. I’m tired of her waking Lady up between 2 and 3 every morning which is straining Lady’s daily thread.

Thank god we don’t have kids. Freezer wouldn’t be large enough to store them.


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