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took 70 years to get on TV, and I didn’t even see it


I was some unknown part of WVIZ/PBS channel 25’s IDEAS show last night that looked at my “illegal loft dweller” warehouse days from 1981 to 85, but having no TV, we couldn’t watch it. I believe at some point it will be archived online. Until then, I sit and wonder what I said, how I came across, and how much I was involved in my first TV appearance.

Took 70 years to get on TV, and I didn’t even see it. Reality slyly grins.

David C. Barnett, the interviewer/producer, plans on reworking the warehouse portion into a longer segment for a later APPLAUSE show.

Medusa’s Kitchen out in California featured 9 of my poems, 8 fotos, and 2 songs yesterday. Been a once-a-month feature for 6 months now, and I cherish the opportunity. Check it out at

~ ~ ~

In the Beginning

Before the light and after dark
sparks in might to ignite quark

Write fast, sing slow
reach high, work low

Crystal birth and magicked youth
dim to dust in time’s misuse

– Smith, 5.14.2016


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