Month: June 2016

  • insert 2 Frankenstein bolts

    Lady K.’s summer 2016 issue of The City is online at . . . it features art and poetry by Jim Baron, Bree, Tim Green, Lady K, and myself. Bone Bad I’m good down to bone, then I go bad. They replaced my left shoulder bone; I named it The Load. They replaced my right […]

  • devil or angel?

    devil or angel? Status Report 223 Struck right a singing bowl sings forever Human discord implies we’re strung wrong And unharmonized we worse earth’s song Fouling one’s nest is not best endeavor Time to get in tune and go along – Smith, 6.29.2016 leaf rise

  • denouement chicken

    Sisyphus Circle What’s Sisyphus’ favorite music? – rock ‘n’ roll. What beer does Sisyphus drink? – Rolling Rock. Sisyphus tried dating Prometheus’ sister, but she didn’t light his fire. Hearing that far-off close-by train wail, Sisyphus wished not to be Sisyphus. It’s like getting old, being Sisyphus ain’t for sissies. Sisyphus never took vacation, he […]

  • love the cluck of chickens

    Status Report 222 Love the cluck of chickens, the laugh of children play, birds, rain, running water, train wails far away; they ease the prick of thicket’s thorn for as now is reckoned morals thicken after ticket’s torn. – Smith, 6.27.2016

  • 5 poets 1 line at a time

      We played the Dadaist game at our monthly poetry workshop where someone writes a line, passes it to the next poet who writes a line and then folds the paper so the previous line can’t be seen and passes it on . . . had 5 poets so we each started one piece of paper. 5-Poet […]

  • Mother Dwarf Smith, 11 years gone Mother Dwarf died 11 years ago after living with me the last 16 of her 79 years. Lady K moved in 3 months later. Mom had her 1st solo art show when she was 68, her 5th just before she died at 79. LAB RATS the quantum collapse of Mother Dwarf Smith 13 April, […]

  • 6-25-2016 Lady Poem

    Learning’s germ for fertilizing eyes and ears, a head a heart, a hand, a pen’s milt on action’s platform, and it goes around again ~ Lady

  • Donald Trump’s brain

    Donald Trump’s brain I’m extremely happy with the 9 poems, 8 fotos and 1 song of mine that Medusa’s Kitchen posted this month. This is my 7th consecutive monthly feature in Kathy Kieth’s Kitchen, and I couldn’t be happier, especially since it appears to be a continuing gig. The song is an example of werewolf […]

  • Lady Poem 6-23-2016

    Quartz glints hard in the eagle’s soft eye flying over the lake’s scintillating stipple sweep of wings one of time’s serene ways From a canteen’s metal darkness lightness is earned soft and wet relief’s seeping drink ~ Lady

  • There are no final answers but if there were they’d be here

    Status Report 221 Light leaks away at the end of day as the sounds of street traffic become wind, water, the air softens cooling sun’s kiss, the slow lessening of light muffling leaf and branch land and sky in the dim before dusk There are no final answers but if there were they’d be here […]