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5 poets 1 line at a time



We played the┬áDadaist game at our monthly poetry workshop where someone writes a line, passes it to the next poet who writes a┬áline and then folds the paper so the previous line can’t be seen and passes it on . . . had 5 poets so we each started one piece of paper.

5-Poet 5-Part Pass-Around Poem
a line at a time by Wendy Shaffer,
Jack McGuane, Lady K, Russell Vidrick, Smith


Coffee dark before sun light
Mandy slips like a minnow between my legs
She’s a lovely fur girl
So is Hillary
Going to be our next leader
Which makes me more afraider
Twisty worded wondering,
Am I a poet?
You may be, I’m not
But on Monday you get an extra bagel
To feed the hunting beagle


So eat already
I am your yum yum yum
Tastes good to me
Eat all you want and not gain an ounce
Then you’ll be slow when the panther pounces
Prone and happy to be someone’s meal
Divine acceptance
Watch your verbs
Pizza is good but bologna is better
So is wrestling in melted butter


Today tomorrow and everyday
Time dances in wooden shoes
Hand holding blessed beings under stars
We swallowed the light of God
I only do girls when there in season
With or without Mobius reason
Ants chased from hives by bees
As the cat lady thwarts them all
That’s the cat that jumps over the moon
Tomorrow its time to go go go
Fast lane only, fuck the slow


Donald Trump will be the next President
And the world will end
Until we can glue it back again
Lets celebrate the shards
The dazzling slivers of perfection
They’re blinding, deafing
So many girls like easy money
Takes so many bees to make the honey
And a lazy tongue doesn’t realize it
And a thrifty tongue is a wise woman’s treasure
Write really really big


The drummer’s ears are blown
I’m the next drummer
To march to the beat of a different drummer
Dance to the shimmy of a different sinner
Turn this facet fast feet fleet
Turn it right turn it wrong turn it blue turn it night
I’ve used up all my words
Not enough woulds left
Crushed by shoulds
As the NOTS came falling down
So does the stock market
Want to write and write and write and fill the world’s coffer

6. (Wendy and Jack)

Jack – We’ll write 5
poems. Each of us starts
with one line, passes it
clockwise, then fold
over top line after writing
the next line

I’ll keep this here!
You Catholics & Buddhists are everywhere!
It could be worse (gun mishap)
The wall is not even alive!
It’s dead now
Kathy said – “Walls have ears”
I said – “Not anymore”

– Smith, 6.26.2016









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  1. And the world will end
    Until we can glue it back again–

    Nice lines.

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