Month: July 2016

  • down into up

    Surprisingly, this moan and groan turns into an affirmation. Had to cut down on my stress and inner anger level so I’ve cut way down on news. No longer read editorials, opinion pieces, what-might-happen articles, watched none of the republican or democrat conventions, and stopped following several negative Nortons on Facebook. It’s mostly lies, smoke […]

  • the headless Johnson dream

    A small bird flew in our kitchen window and tried to escape out the permanently closed stairwell window. She was afraid to leave that window because MandyCat had gone into hunter mode and was quivering with desire at the top of the stairs. The window’s 10 foot above the landing, so I got our broken […]

  • Bad Want Ad Poetry & Presidential Debate Dreams Cleveland 2016.7.28-29

    Bad Want Ad Poetry & Presidential Debate Dreams Cleveland 2016.7.28-29 So many of my dreams are mundane extensions of waking life. Tonight’s dream was ridiculous but low-key, kind of common. I was wandering the subway tunnels of New York City wearing a cheap brown ill-fitting suit wondering if I should go through with the debate. […]

  • Lady Poem 7-29-2016

    A shearwater nests on the edge of a cliff to fall in dream to flight in space its cruciform wings skim tips of waves and it follows the whales to feed on their wakes ~ Lady

  • the vicissitudes of house husband Smith, with recipe Lady & I have uploaded 4,123 blog posts in the past 10 years on When Lady started this blog, I asked why. Now I’m hooked. Except for our first 6 months together, the blog documents our soon-to-be 11 years together, our 31 months of living in 10 countries on 3 continents, our art, […]

  • Lady Poem July 28, 2016

    Moment courts that I be not afraid but trust the line I walk to time earned in expanses of allowed whistles to a song of self esteem, a bounce in my step, fealty to sights noticed and ambient sounds heard generous wallet and spontaneous talk face slack, relaxed without frantic smile except one come naturally […]

  • 1 birth, 1 death = 2 extra sensory perceptions

    Liberty Lynne Green 5 hours old 7.26.2016 Strange interconnected stuff going on. I’m reminded we are not singularities, but rather interwoven web. 1 birth, 1 death = 2 extra sensory perceptions. Got up yesterday morning at 4 instead of 5 because Lady was leaving for an 8 mile run. She told me Dedra and brother […]

  • Liberty Lynne Green 7.26.2016

    I guess Lady K is finally the aunt she so wants to be, and I an uncle. Strange. Born to Dedra and Jon Green at 4:18 a.m., 8 pounds 0 ounces, 20.5 inches long, 14 hours labor. Liberty Lynne Green 7.26.2016 Small new life creeping into big old world as night slips to day Baby […]

  • trickle down

    Trickle Down Half a dozen nuthin’ a quarter pound of loss a bit more downward moving counting up the cost eat some processed sugar standing in the rain swallow lies of someone higher up the chain fill my empty pockets with lint and empty words hope I don’t get locked up or put before the […]

  • zen wend

    Zen Wend Looking for the nice in the nasty the quiet in the chaos the kind in the mean Trying to miss the mud seeking happy in midst of sad the still in rush of stream – Smith, 7.23.2016