What a marvelous happy dream, exceedingly strange.

We were derelicts, living in alleys, abandoned buildings, each with different abilities. One of the things I could do was ride my stainless steel shopping cart. I’d sit or lay or stand on it and glide silently through the alley, up and down stairs, moving it with my mind. We were happy, and gentle if left alone. No one saw us because we were bums. But two normal crept in and tried to take us. I flung myself headfirst through the air down the stairs and in flight twisted around and gutted one of the bad guys with my fingers, faster than one could see I sliced his abdomen open in three flaps and emptied his insides in a second. I didn’t turn him into a creature, just a corpse. There was so much more but as I woke from excitement to get up to write it down, Mandy Cat lay on my belly and I stayed there for her purr knowing her happiness was more important than the dream details, and when she did get down from the bed, she vomited so we had to clean it up and more of the dream was lost. But each of us had different abilities, we were all friends, friendly, gentle, happy, we’d sing silently in comradeship, be of one mind. Everything was dark, the clothes old, the coats long, scraggly, but dirt wasn’t a factor because we were part of everything in collaboration, enjoyed gliding through the city lights at night. And I was sooooo happy, the dream was happy, my fellow creatures were happy, everything was perfect, as it should be, one with reality, but 90% of the dream is gone, but I’m left with a happy glow I hold to me like a warm hug.

So now it’s 4:30, been up an hour sitting in dark with pen and flashlight catching what I can, tingling with happy.

This is what happens when I go two weeks without smoking. Grass erases my dreams when I wake. Not smoking because of money troubles, but it’s worth it for dreams like this, these dreams are my night treasures.

– Smith, 7.22.2016


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