A small bird flew in our kitchen window and tried to escape out the permanently closed stairwell window.

She was afraid to leave that window because MandyCat had gone into hunter mode and was quivering with desire at the top of the stairs.

The window’s 10 foot above the landing, so I got our broken 4 foot ladder and a broom and gently forced her down onto the art ledge where she was so terrified she was frozen in fear as I picked her up and sent her on her way.

I’m wondering how come the gods don’t help me on my way. I suspect they’re too amused at my struggle and like the entertainment.

The Headless Johnson Dream

New record. Remembered my dream three nights in a row. What there is of it anyway. Bunch of us were discussing what was wrong with a new statue of a man seated in a chair looking exactly like the 1915 statue of mayor Tom Johnson in Public Square, and someone said we should cut the head off. I said “That’s brass, isn’t it? Brass is much harder than copper. Not sure we could do it.” So of course next segment of dream I’m out in public, in sunny daylight, cutting the head off with a hacksaw blade – no hacksaw, just the blade. Then we’re all walking around, me carrying the head with one hand and my arm stuck inside the body – which is weird because the body weighs over a ton – and I’m worried because it’s daylight, there’s people everywhere, and I say “You know, someone’s going to notice us, and remember.”

Then Lady woke me just before 4 because I like to be up when she goes for her 12 mile pre-dawn weekend run so I have a feel for when she should be back in case there’s a problem. Believe being woken from the dream last three mornings around 4 is what has enabled me to remember them.



maybe a sparrow? feedback — friend Martin Sokolich says Louisiana Waterthrush, and online fotos seem very close

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