Two dreams, neither much fun..

We all had to walk in slow-motion because we were imprinted behind a 3-D force field green screen which made turning or walking difficult. I kept saying this isn’t logical, we don’t have to do this, I’m going to wake up and get out of it – and I woke and was free and grateful.

Then we were in a long medical line outside under an endless tent waiting for a pill. They gave it to Lady K who was in front of me, but when it was my turn, they looked at me and said “Oh, you’re in too bad of shape for this, you need a shot first” and took us out of line. The nurse told me she had to get something and left and we waited, and waited, and waited for hours. I was getting angry, went looking for her unsuccessfully, finally found an open pail of strange goo I knew was what I was to be injected with and was going to inject myself but didn’t have a needle and didn’t know the dose and was worried I’d overdose, but went looking for a needle anyway when the nurse suddenly reappeared, clothes disheveled, gigantic fake eye lashes on her lids, and she was saying “They never arrived, the plane never showed up” as she took off the left lash, but when she tried to take off the right lash, it stuck and dangled so I reached over with thumb and finger and gingerly lifted it off like a bug. All this time she was cackling crazy-like and fluttering her lashes flirtingly at me. Told her I needed the shot and she took off again. Suddenly I see her running down the sidewalk with several patients and Lady running behind her and Lady waves to me so I run rapidly after them raising my knees as high as my head like a Monty Python silly walk and just barely see them turn into an underground passage where I finally find Lady sitting calmly at a table under colored lights drinking a latte and she says “You really need your shot” and I wake up again.

Night Fare

Dreams oozing left of me
reality rushing right
neither one hospitable
and nary a pipe in sight
spider eyes flirting
needles over long
glowing goop in bucket
this is not my song
eye bugs stalking vision
madness foaming wild
won’t tell me my mission
treat me like a child
night schemes running rampant
sun hiding day
need some grass to clamp it
down to mellow may

– Smith, 9.1.2016


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