Month: October 2016

  • liquid yoga

    Liquid Yoga Taking hot wet soak in quiet tub thinking right thought right action the four-way walk down eight-lane path my slipstream slideslips into reruns of Deep Space Nine and Ferengi ear sex which name won’t come so I fall from meditation into trying to remember “oo-mox” with my small who-man lobes – Smith, 10.30.2016

  • 22nd Peoples Art Show at CSU

    Status Report 244 New day sun rises unseen above slate grey sky thick in clouds stained with past promise framing new beginning of old game of survive, thrive, strive. There is flower. There is worm. There is new hour already wearing yesterday’s squirm. – Smith, 10.29.2016 The 22nd Peoples Art Show which opened last Friday […]

  • new Leonard Cohen album a meditation

    Last three years I’ve bought two cds, both by Leonard Cohen – last year’s live album Can’t Forget: A Souvenir of the Grand Tour, and this week’s You Want It Darker. You Want It Darker is an album by an old man who’s lost most his voice chewing on death, age, and God’s inhumanity to […]

  • Osculation

    Waves draw apart and let open face emerges from warm water of sleep to lovely cool softly quenching dark osculation, then passing through some swift membrane of consciousness to early Saturday morning in October plush novelty and nostalgia couch throw remembered and tendered around the shoulders new again the quiet of shut windows imparts a […]

  • minor notes descending chords

    musical score Yeaaaaa, I’m in Medusa’s Kitchen again this month – 9 poems, 9 fotos, 1 song. Stop by for a taste. ~ ~ ~ Chamber Recital The music of the spheres like some ancient weir overflows foundations Minor notes descending chords heart strings pluck romance rewards I lean to love and luck to […]

  • right wrong is

    Philosophy 103 There’s right there’s wrong and there’s is – Smith, 10.26.2016

  • song & text man

    Billy Clarksville remixed our 2nd recording from August last year so I don’t sound quite so rough… though still rough and unready. Some folk have a three-octave vocal range – mine’s more like three-notes . . . here, almost here, and somewhere over there. Slow Look Around (remix), 2015, 3:24, Billy Clarksville music, mix, recording, […]

  • dba Smith

    dba Smith Ain’t getting wiser just more weary wary of price on appeal Don’t do small talk not even tall talk very well on my way to chalk No crowd appeal but in word and life image deed I be real deal And that my friend with a buck-seventy-five will get me a cuppa joe […]

  • phantom blues

    So They Said Feed Your Head All this out here ain’t here and yet we see its itty bits with microscopes its bigly bits through telescopes its hairy bits by brush and comb and its naughty bits in advertisements so all that’s here that’s not quite here is very well approved Yet all that comes […]

  • Indoor Film to Create a New View of the Outdoor World

    Indoor Film to Create a New View of the Outdoor World 8 pgs, 4 3/4″ x “5 closed, 9 3/4″ x 5” open Lady K Smith, 10.22.2010 Now When In between the accolades before the shades come down and after all that goes before gives birth to that which follows now is now is now […]