liquid yoga


Liquid Yoga

Taking hot wet soak in quiet tub
thinking right thought right action
the four-way walk down eight-lane path
my slipstream slideslips
into reruns of Deep Space Nine
and Ferengi ear sex
which name won’t come
so I fall from meditation
into trying to remember “oo-mox”
with my small who-man lobes

– Smith, 10.30.2016


22nd Peoples Art Show at CSU

Status Report 244

New day sun rises unseen
above slate grey sky thick in clouds
stained with past promise
framing new beginning of old game
of survive, thrive, strive.

There is flower.
There is worm.
There is new hour
already wearing yesterday’s squirm.

– Smith, 10.29.2016

The 22nd Peoples Art Show which opened last Friday and goes through the first week of December put Lady’s blonde-haired honey-combed faced mannequin and my Edgar Allen Poe assemblage in the front window of the gallery so they can be seen from the sidewalk. Lady’s second honeycombed head was a short distance away, and my second blue copper corrosion piece was further down the wall.

The Peoples Art Show is always enjoyable because anyone can show pretty much anything, so there’s a free-spiritedness about it frequently missing in more serious exhibits.

I was in the first Peoples Art Show in 1984 and caused a bit of a ruckus with my flag and fish draped genitalia selfies ––










Lady K & Smith 22nd Peoples Art Show pieces
her blonde hair sculpture – Honey
her nannequin head – Old Comb
my East of the Sun, West of the Moon
my Kind of Blue

new Leonard Cohen album a meditation


Last three years I’ve bought two cds, both by Leonard Cohen – last year’s live album Can’t Forget: A Souvenir of the Grand Tour, and this week’s You Want It Darker.

You Want It Darker is an album by an old man who’s lost most his voice chewing on death, age, and God’s inhumanity to man.

It is a good album. Each song makes me think, nod in appreciation, understanding.

His voice this time around is whisper weary, more talk-sing than sing-sing, but it works well with the words.

~ ~ ~

Now Then

It’s now
with a lot of later creeping in
stuffed with earlier to-do’s
and things done
which add up
to balance that
subtract this
hedge the fudge factor
flux remainder
leaving now on track two
second aisle
by white ticket fence
enclosing lean green yawn
of two wives and half a dog
the log lady sawing out back
her twin peaks of coffee and cherry pie
way past then

– Smith, 10.28.2016

Three more poems and I’ll have limped through our 5-poet October 2016 poem-a-day-a-thon. Been a hard slog since the words weren’t willing.



Waves draw apart and let open
face emerges from warm water of sleep
to lovely cool softly quenching dark
osculation, then passing through some
swift membrane of consciousness
to early Saturday morning in October
plush novelty and nostalgia
couch throw remembered and tendered
around the shoulders new again

the quiet of shut windows
imparts a crispness to calm thoughts
loud above the muted street noise
the stage sets of the seasons

~ Lady

minor notes descending chords

musicalscoremusical score

Yeaaaaa, I’m in Medusa’s Kitchen again this month – 9 poems, 9 fotos, 1 song. Stop by for a taste.

~ ~ ~

Chamber Recital

The music of the spheres
like some ancient weir
overflows foundations

Minor notes descending chords
heart strings pluck
romance rewards

I lean to love and luck
to duck the flux
of nature’s degradation

Channel art
by weaving heart
into life wife celebration

She’s the one I want
and she feels duplicate
so we deal jubilation

Tones may change
tunes hum drum
we still all need someone

– Smith, 10.27.2016


right wrong is


Philosophy 103

There’s right
there’s wrong
and there’s is

– Smith, 10.26.2016


song & text man


Billy Clarksville remixed our 2nd recording from August last year so I don’t sound quite so rough… though still rough and unready.

Some folk have a three-octave vocal range – mine’s more like three-notes . . . here, almost here, and somewhere over there.

Slow Look Around (remix), 2015, 3:24, Billy Clarksville music, mix, recording, me word&voice >

~ ~

Autumn Would

Wind in trees
rain on leaves
sky losing light
season leaking heat
cold sneaking in
crowding sin
and the thin within us all
vegetation dying to fuel rebirth
the air cold, crisp, clean, electric
full of hope
what with the dry leaf crinkle
and whiffs of wood smoke

– Smith, 10.25.2016

compostladycompost Lady

dba Smith


dba Smith

Ain’t getting wiser
just more weary
wary of price on appeal

Don’t do small talk
not even tall talk very well
on my way to chalk

No crowd appeal
but in word and life image deed
I be real deal

And that my friend
with a buck-seventy-five
will get me a cuppa joe

Plus a wife and cat
and a place to hang our hat
while we glimpse the glow

– Smith, 10.24.2016


phantom blues


So They Said Feed Your Head

All this out here ain’t here
and yet we see its itty bits with microscopes
its bigly bits through telescopes
its hairy bits by brush and comb
and its naughty bits in advertisements
so all that’s here that’s not quite here
is very well approved

Yet all that comes from inside here
our non-existent heads
unseen, unmeasured
yet makes the measurements we take to fake
so here ain’t here
and there’s but misconstrued

I work within
cuz without just phantom blues

– Smith, 10.23.2016

Still a day late and a poem short on the October poem-a-day with Mary E. Weems, Wendy Shaffer, Celeste McCarty, and Lady K..


Indoor Film to Create a New View of the Outdoor World












Indoor Film to Create a New View of the Outdoor World
8 pgs, 4 3/4″ x “5 closed, 9 3/4″ x 5” open
Lady K Smith, 10.22.2010

Now When

In between the accolades
before the shades come down

and after all that goes before
gives birth to that which follows

now is now is now somehow
not time but change in pattern

there is no then, no shall we begin
which implies before and after

we step in step, re-prep our guess
then step the next step faster

yet now is now is now is now
despite tide’s tears and laughter

a string of nows around our neck
fomenting mystic later

– Smith, 10.22.2016