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new Leonard Cohen album a meditation


Last three years I’ve bought two cds, both by Leonard Cohen – last year’s live album Can’t Forget: A Souvenir of the Grand Tour, and this week’s You Want It Darker.

You Want It Darker is an album by an old man who’s lost most his voice chewing on death, age, and God’s inhumanity to man.

It is a good album. Each song makes me think, nod in appreciation, understanding.

His voice this time around is whisper weary, more talk-sing than sing-sing, but it works well with the words.

~ ~ ~

Now Then

It’s now
with a lot of later creeping in
stuffed with earlier to-do’s
and things done
which add up
to balance that
subtract this
hedge the fudge factor
flux remainder
leaving now on track two
second aisle
by white ticket fence
enclosing lean green yawn
of two wives and half a dog
the log lady sawing out back
her twin peaks of coffee and cherry pie
way past then

– Smith, 10.28.2016

Three more poems and I’ll have limped through our 5-poet October 2016 poem-a-day-a-thon. Been a hard slog since the words weren’t willing.


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