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22nd Peoples Art Show at CSU

Status Report 244

New day sun rises unseen
above slate grey sky thick in clouds
stained with past promise
framing new beginning of old game
of survive, thrive, strive.

There is flower.
There is worm.
There is new hour
already wearing yesterday’s squirm.

– Smith, 10.29.2016

The 22nd Peoples Art Show which opened last Friday and goes through the first week of December put Lady’s blonde-haired honey-combed faced mannequin and my Edgar Allen Poe assemblage in the front window of the gallery so they can be seen from the sidewalk. Lady’s second honeycombed head was a short distance away, and my second blue copper corrosion piece was further down the wall.

The Peoples Art Show is always enjoyable because anyone can show pretty much anything, so there’s a free-spiritedness about it frequently missing in more serious exhibits.

I was in the first Peoples Art Show in 1984 and caused a bit of a ruckus with my flag and fish draped genitalia selfies ––










Lady K & Smith 22nd Peoples Art Show pieces
her blonde hair sculpture – Honey
her nannequin head – Old Comb
my East of the Sun, West of the Moon
my Kind of Blue

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  1. John Stickney says:

    Wow, thanks for the photos…pieces look great, wish I was in state to see them in person.

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