Month: December 2016

  • the cake lady

    Lady K’s become the Cake Lady. She made an antique book cake for Michael O’Brien’s bookstore closing a week ago. And for Christmas she made an upside down sweet onion cornbread savory cake. And same day (it took her three days of making fondant reindeer and magic mushrooms and Christmas trees, plus the white chocolate […]

  • wouldn’t trade for fame

    art book cake Lady made 4 Scriptoria’s last open mic Lady’s wondering why I stopped blogging. Things just got a bit much … had a magic final reading at Michael O’Brien’s used book store Scriptoria in the basement of the 148 year old Zion Church in Tremont – it’s being turned into condos going for […]

  • buncha stuff – music, dreams, poetry, art, the 3 Fates

    Kathy Kieth, the editor/publisher of Medusa’s Kitchen, published my Stations of the Lost (for Lenny Bruce) poem online Sunday. This is pretty amazing since it has something in it to offend almost everyone. I wrote it as a stand-up comic routine for Lenny Bruce, and I thing he would have liked it. As Mae West […]

  • in my Jungian daze

    Long Ago and Far Away I tell my younger wife in my Jungian daze long ago before the moon was full before pen pals before pencil pals in the goose quill days we had to go out in dark of night for black to grind and trek to oughter water to make liquid ink to […]

  • the small hands man

    white people Mr & Mrs Sisyphus Wife sick on couch brought on by stress of over work and money worries The daily rolling of the worry rock up our uncivilized hill In this country we eat our own after we eat everyone else But don’t worry every sale comes with a conditional warranty Nothing will […]

  • lizard brain wants!

    Lizard Brain Wants! I’m down to strong grass and strong coffee and I’m out of grass. Time to sage the soul. – Smith, 12.8.2016

  • no breaks, just aches

    Great Eye in Sky Yesterday was bad-good, bad-good. Scurrying up the walk in freezing weather after feeding the birds before sunrise, I stubbed my foot on a brick on the walk and fell on my face on the stone, hitting full body flat, chin to slate. First flash was for my glasses – they were […]

  • Sisyphus enough

    Sisyphus Enough It’s an everyday thing or less this eating this sleeping this cleaning washing going coming the coming gone up and down and down and up even love is built day by day then rebuilt as hope is used then recharged, re-fused, re-used In every way the circle eats itself then excretes itself to […]

  • waiting at the station

    Waiting at the Station Reading bad man news when lone train moan faint from the Flats whispers in my ear “There’s a better way down the line if only you would go.” Been hearing that same wail since it crept up the mountains of my youth. “Come down the track where you’ll fit in where […]

  • Tsi-s-de-tsi, the 4-foot mouse Captain

    her third try at drawing Tsi-s-de-tsi her first two attempts Lady’s been writing an alternate Earth novel where a 4-foot female Cherokee mouse named Tsi-s-de-tsi is Captain of a large ocean sailing ship with a crew of 6-foot rats who have rescued a young human girl named Beatrice and an even younger human boy named […]