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no breaks, just aches

Great Eye in Sky

Yesterday was bad-good, bad-good.

Scurrying up the walk in freezing weather after feeding the birds before sunrise, I stubbed my foot on a brick on the walk and fell on my face on the stone, hitting full body flat, chin to slate.

First flash was for my glasses – they were on my face and unbroken. Second flash was for my left knee which I broke last January and it never healed because the doctors didn’t tell me not to walk on it, even though they knew I was… all they said was don’t bend it. Of course in retrospect it’s logical not to walk on a broken knee, but I’m rather stupid at times, and they did tell me to walk from one office to another without a brace, so I figured it was okay. Had I hit it, I’d be hospital bound, which would have interfered with my upcoming January hospital appointment. But I’d landed on my right leg right side right arm and right chin edge, so broken knee untouched.

I stood up to examine the rest of me – blood on thigh, blood on forearm, bruised rib, and chin so sore I thought I might have broken it. But no, no breaks, just aches.

Now that is about as good an outcome for a face fall as one can hope for.

Second bad to good is we thought MandyCat might be dying. She has failing kidneys and she’d stopped eating, lost 13% of her weight, did nothing but sleep. Took her to the vet. It was just a cat cold, so they rehydrated her, gave her an antibiotic, and forced an appetite pill down her throat. Brought her home and she was active again. This is our 8th year with her (she spent her 1st 7 years with poet Wendy Shaffer who has 30 cats and gladly loaned us one), and I’ve never bonded like this with a four-footed floor fur before – the thought of losing her turned me into a tear bag. Should have years left before losing her, and I won’t handle it well when we do.

It’s ironic. We had to give Lady’s 13 year-old cat 3PO to her brother when we left the country in 2006 to live in England, Holland, Poland, France, Morocco, and Mexico for 3 years, and that was hard. So when we came back, we decided to get a “loaner” cat from Wendy we could give back if we ever found the money to travel again. Lady was over at Wendy’s and Mandy came out from under the dresser and swatted Lady’s leg, saying “Hey, you, take me.” Turns out there is NO SUCH THING as a loaner cat because they own your heart.

Oh, the upcoming January hospitalization… a cyst in the back of my neck is bruising my spine, creating a minor tingling and partial deadness in my finger tips and throwing my balance off. They’re going in the back of my neck to remove the cyst, going in the front of my neck to remove an entire spinal disc, then fusing my neck spinal column with two metal rods. Needless to say I’m not looking forward to this. You cut me below the neck and you’re operating on my vehicle… cut above that and you’re cutting me.

Going to ask the doc for a tranquilizer prescription because I’m not up to worrying about this for another month. It’s getting to me. Will have to wear a hard collar for 6 weeks after… Lady jokes it’s a dog collar so I won’t bite myself.

~ ~ ~

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Life with Wife 3

Kale onion quiche
baking in oven
homemade applesauce
bubbling on stove

– Smith, 12.7.2016


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