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the cake lady


Lady K’s become the Cake Lady.

She made an antique book cake for Michael O’Brien’s bookstore closing a week ago.

And for Christmas she made an upside down sweet onion cornbread savory cake.

And same day (it took her three days of making fondant reindeer and magic mushrooms and Christmas trees, plus the white chocolate birch bark) she made a gingerbread cake (which included Guinness Stout as an ingredient) with whipping cream & mascarpone cheese icing, surrounded by white & dark chocolate birch bark topped by a scene of trees, magic mushrooms, and a reindeer of homemade fondant.

Then she made a fondant bull because she gives one family member a homemade bull each Christmas to inspire financial success in the coming year.

I’ll be putting up an agentofchaos page documenting all this in a few weeks, but here’s a taste of her Christmas baking.


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