Month: January 2017

  • dem bones dem bones dem dry bones

    Neck rods inserted Jan 12, 2017 Post-Op, Day 19 In last dark of night awaiting new morning dawn Day reduced to pain management Night to finding compromise twixt neck, neck brace, and sleep Pain as Sisyphus slog No right and comfortable just long wrong Slowly fading to gone Tired of the pain tired of the […]

  • and don’t even mention maybe

    Is Happens The walls between is and is are thin as are isn’t and isn’t and don’t even mention maybe I’m not doing my best I’m not doing my worst I’m just getting through the day Sun is growing dim loosening the connecting line binding excrement and time Shadows hug each imperfection deception, exception snag […]

  • another day of done before to be spun again

    Ground Zero Coffee strong in this pre-dawn creaks open eye a crack dark leaks out sneaks back in another day of done before to be spun again Give this day my daily pain so Sisyphus does pray for it takes pain to measure gain re-rule the runes of play Rock rolls up, rock rolls down once […]

  • two-track brain train

    Was hoping I’d get rid of my hard collar after seeing the doctor this week… I figured two-weeks were enough, but doc says four more. So I’ll get more pain meds and somehow get through another month. I do not do well trapped, encumbered, caged, bound. ~ Status Report 249 Got a two-track brain train […]

  • doing the wild coffee dance

    Life with Wife 4 She dumps four cups worth of coffee into the boiling water pan to make two cups We sit and sip, unmoving doing the wild coffee dance – Smith, 1.23.2017

  • Six Naughts in Search of Nothing

    New & used Smith – 9 poems, 9 images, 1 song – on Medusa’s Kitchen yesterday: Good day for my poetry, bad day for the country. Six Naughts in Search of Nothing 1. In this Factless World Trump trumps decency Trump trumps honor Trump trumps truth Trump trumps trust Trump trumps fairness Trump trumps […]

  • the earth here tilts

    Status Report 248 The earth here tilts more each day away from the sun clouds grey what little light is left night daily lengthens day quicker goes my own daze more winter solstice than spring equinox like that nox nox joke… equinox, equinox who’s there? spring, or fall… depending on time of year or changing […]

  • black cat moan

    Philosophy 136 Nothing’s black and white, not even black and white. ~ ~ ~ Philosophy 137 We all got our own buttons to push, never see the other’s hand ~ ~ ~ Philosophy 138 Got the black cat moan the under-ladder blues if it were me alone don’t know what I’d do So I walk […]

  • heart gone good, mind bone bad

    GPS There’s the wall. There’s the stone. I see rock and hard place but no exit. There’s dark. There’s darker. We make the light, raise own sun. My light’s my wife and the cat that owns us. Heart gone good, mind bone bad. – Smith, 1.16.2017

  • bad bone groan

    Bluebeard Smith, foto by Lady K Post-Op, Day 4 So strange to be in pain thankful it’s not more not yet weary of the wait I’m a man of bad bone born from arthritic mother to slowly crumble head bone to neck bone into older bone chrome and cobalt shoulder titanium hip 4 hour pain […]