dem bones dem bones dem dry bones

Neck rods inserted Jan 12, 2017

Post-Op, Day 19

In last dark of night
awaiting new morning dawn

Day reduced to pain management

Night to finding compromise
twixt neck, neck brace, and sleep

Pain as Sisyphus slog

No right and comfortable
just long wrong

Slowly fading to gone

Tired of the pain
tired of the pain pills

– Smith, 1.31.2017

Dem Bones from the 1950s by the Delta Rhythm Boys who recorded from 1934 to 1987

Hip replacement June 2011

Shoulder replacement Oct 2014

Unhealable broken knee Jan 2016

Neck rods inserted Jan 2017 – foto by Lady K

and don’t even mention maybe

Is Happens

The walls between is and is are thin
as are isn’t and isn’t
and don’t even mention maybe

I’m not doing my best
I’m not doing my worst
I’m just getting through the day

Sun is growing dim
loosening the connecting line
binding excrement and time

Shadows hug each imperfection
deception, exception
snag sin of skin within

Time blinds
life abounds

– Smith, 1.30.2017

another day of done before to be spun again


Ground Zero

Coffee strong in this pre-dawn
creaks open eye a crack
dark leaks out
sneaks back in
another day of done before
to be spun again

Give this day my daily pain
so Sisyphus does pray
for it takes pain to measure gain
re-rule the runes of play

Rock rolls up, rock rolls down
once like coffee in a cup
now unfound

– Smith, 1.29.2017


two-track brain train


Was hoping I’d get rid of my hard collar after seeing the doctor this week… I figured two-weeks were enough, but doc says four more.

So I’ll get more pain meds and somehow get through another month.

I do not do well trapped, encumbered, caged, bound.


Status Report 249

Got a two-track brain train
a-run-a-way going

One track ways whoa,
are we ever weak, breakable

Second says so?
broke before, can fix again

– Smith, 1.27.2017


Cheney Bushbeast

Ya gotta love a man
who’ll shoot his rich friend
in the face with a shotgun
after one too many alcohols
then not report it to the police
until after he’s sobered up.

We paid for his heart.
He’s not using it.
We need to repossess.

– Smith, 1.27.2017


Politics 101

Yes we have no problems
we have no problems today
since that slush fund stuff
is more than enough
to buy our final say
we’ll continue to gamble
and amble in ample gambols
because we know a man
who’ll pay a man
to sway our yea or nay
though we stink of the sin
of shrink wrap within
and run from our women’s dismay
but hey
that’s okay
as long as pay continues the play
and belief in relief
enslaves what’s beneath
we’ll have no problems today

– Smith, 1.27.2017


doing the wild coffee dance


Life with Wife 4

She dumps four cups worth of coffee
into the boiling water pan
to make two cups

We sit and sip, unmoving
doing the wild coffee dance

– Smith, 1.23.2017


Six Naughts in Search of Nothing


New & used Smith – 9 poems, 9 images, 1 song – on Medusa’s Kitchen yesterday:

Good day for my poetry, bad day for the country.

Six Naughts in Search of Nothing

1. In this Factless World

Trump trumps decency
Trump trumps honor
Trump trumps truth
Trump trumps trust
Trump trumps fairness
Trump trumps respect
Trump trumps good
Trump trumps facts

Bad-trump Trump
Sleazy-trump Trump
Degenerate-trump Trump

Maybe if we find enough toilet paper
and flush a lot
we can trump Trump
2. For Little Donnie Chump

Out of the deep freeze
comes the cheap cheese

Our Degenerate-in-Chief
the Small Hands Man

Racist to racist
perv to perv

The degenerate cannot save us
cuz he’s even worse

A small-handed sexist
with no learning curve
3. Punchline

To everyone who helped
elect the small-hands-man,
especially Hillary Clinton
who cheated Bernie Sanders
out of the nomination –
you broke it, you bought it…

Hope there’s enough toilet paper
to clean up the mess.
4. FBI

I once said
FBI is lie misspelled

Turns out fib and lie and FBI
are synonyms
5. Slimefield

What would I say
if our Degenerate-in-Chief died in office?

Who took out the trash?
6. Today an accused child rapist,
admitted sexual predator, serial liar, thief,
tax cheat, braggart, bully
and just in general sticky spot on the floor
you don’t want to examine too closely
became 45th President of the US,
installing perhaps the worst batch of bad men
ever to loiter at the top of our food chain.

May karma flux his flow
bring light to he and his closely encrusted.

– Smith, 1.20.2017


the earth here tilts


Status Report 248

The earth here tilts
more each day away from the sun

clouds grey
what little light is left

night daily lengthens
day quicker goes

my own daze more winter solstice
than spring equinox

like that nox nox joke…

equinox, equinox
who’s there?

spring, or fall…
depending on time of year

or changing color of it all
widening tears in hair

– Smith, 1.19.2017


black cat moan


Philosophy 136

Nothing’s black and white,
not even black and white.

~ ~ ~

Philosophy 137

We all got our own buttons to push,
never see the other’s hand

~ ~ ~

Philosophy 138

Got the black cat moan
the under-ladder blues
if it were me alone
don’t know what I’d do

So I walk the endless girth
both latitude and long
of our broken earth
for Mother Nature’s song

Poking puzzle pieces
sorting through the trash
hoping ire ceases
trying not to be an ash

Ain’t found much
no eight-fold road
it depends on whom we touch
how we share the load

So brighten the corner
where you are
believe like Mister Rogers
kindness ripples far

– Smith, 1.17.2017


heart gone good, mind bone bad



There’s the wall.
There’s the stone.
I see rock and hard place
but no exit.

There’s dark.
There’s darker.
We make the light,
raise own sun.

My light’s my wife
and the cat that owns us.
Heart gone good,
mind bone bad.

– Smith, 1.16.2017


bad bone groan

Bluebeard Smith, foto by Lady K

Post-Op, Day 4

So strange
to be in pain
thankful it’s not more
not yet weary of the wait

I’m a man of bad bone
born from arthritic mother
to slowly crumble
head bone to neck bone
into older bone
chrome and cobalt shoulder
titanium hip

4 hour pain pills
wear off hour early
whisper me of truth

Night darkens the land
snow unshadows shadows
skin wraps pain

Bad bones groan to dust
tomorrow yesterday’s musk

– Smith, 1.15.2017

Room 837, Bed 1. MetroHealth six blocks from here. Alternate universe. The whistles and bell warnings, nurses laughing, the pain moaning all night long – compared to here, low lights, Christmas tree lights, we still have two lights of our five colored light lamp left. We get richer, buy three more light bulbs.

In about three weeks they will start rehab, and it’s going to be an interesting process because everything’s gone to shit past 18 months. I need total rework. Where do they start?

Once I’d bruised my fingertips, once the spinal cord bone burr bruised it, my fingertips went 10, 15% numb. And it might not go away. But it won’t get worse, which it would otherwise because it’s degenerative.

I got a good mom of bad bone.

I think my sister suffered from arthritis due to Mom, and her auto accidents, being hit by a car and all that.

But I do know about Cat. I know he had his face broken.

There was a bad deal. He was asleep, stoned, in a van. He was a passenger. And they hit something or something hit them and he went face first into the dashboard. Shattered his jaw.

So they wired him back together, wired his jaw shut. He drank sustenance through a straw, through a gap in the wire.

After they were all done and healing, discovered they’d fucked up. They had to re-break his face, and he went in knowing they were going to smash his jaw.

First time he was asleep, just happened. Second time he knew what was going to happen and when.

I’m tired of all these operations. But I think I have a right shoulder to go, eventually. It’s amazing they can fix us, like automobiles.

They can even go down to the local service station and get a valve job. Now that’ll ring your chamber.

pain pill person